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A great film worth watching!
21 October 2006
This film is one of my favorites. The main characters are empowered attractive women who love fast cars, the fast life and making their own rules. I love the dialog in the film. It is very witty and enthralling, however, the dialog is more catch phrases that Shakespearian prose which fits in well with the film and makes it a cult classic. All the characters are not what they seem which gives the movie great plot twists. Of all the Russ Meyers films, this is the one that made the least amount of money which seems to be attributed to the lack of nudity. I personally do not find that to be a flaw because there is plenty of cleavage and booty to keep guys' eyes glued to the screen. To sum it all up, if you like beautiful busty girls, fast cars, great catch phrases and lots of action, then you will not be disappointed by this film! It is definitely worth watching!
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