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New movies & series seen in 2017
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My favorite movies, released in 2016.
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Films I liked most released in 2015
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Every movie or tv series I watch for the first time this year.
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My personal picks for the best movies released in 2014.
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Movies/ tv series I've seen this year for the first time, regardless of the year they were released. In no particular order. And a word or two about the overall impression they left on me.
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It was hard for me to name just 20 best Halloween movies, so I'm just going to list all my favorites , from the ones that I've seen so far. They're not all necessarily the typical Holloween movie, but just films that are weird and really scare the hell out of you! In no particular order.
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My favorite movies over the years, so far. THE BEST OF THE BEST!
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Listing my favorite actors in no particular order. The list will be updated throughout the years. Depending on who I discover or rediscover.
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All of the films I've seen so far this year (for the first time). Regardless of the year of their release. To be completed...
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Favorite new tv shows that got my attention in 2013
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Best movies from 2012 in my opinion.
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Although I can't make up a list of 20 titles because of his career was cut short unexpectedly, he truly deserves this little tribute. He was first on my list of favorite living actors, and now still holds a special place there and in my heart. So to honor him I've gathered a few of his greatest performances in these last 20 years.
It was kind of hard, but here is a list of THE BEST from one of the greatest actors in cinema history..
Note: The order is not random. I considered all his diverse and powerfull performances, in order of difficulty and his interpretation. Oh, and I wanted to add his "Casanova" role but it's not in the character database available.
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A list of my favorite actresses. Some I admire their acting skills and the others I admire for their whole package (personality and acting skills). To be continued...
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The best movies released in 2011 (as far as I've be completed).
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My favorite romantic movies. In no particular order.
I usually don't like this type of films, but there are a few exceptions.
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The most interesting, well-made and enjoyable movies from 2010, in my opinion.
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All of the movies I've seen this year (liked or disliked) from 2012 or older.
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The movie releases in 2011 that caught my attention.
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Despite his controversial status now (everybody knows what I mean), he is and will remain one of the greatest contributers to world's cinema history. No matter what others may say, he is still: one of the greatest actors, one of the greatest entertainers, fantastic screenwriter, but most of all, an AMAZING DIRECTOR. I wanted to choose 20 best titles from his long career, but it was impossible. So, I made it a few titles longer.
Here's my little tribute to him. I'm not interested in his personal life, the only thing that matters is his great cinematic legacy. Hats off to you, Mr. Gibson!
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These are the best Leonardo DiCaprio performances of the last 20 years. And I'm sure that more will follow in the next 20. It's very hard to make a top because he does an excelent job every single time, so I kind of love equally, most of them. So here are the best: the first 13 are in no order (they could all easily be no 1), but the next 7 are.
Can't wait for his next roles in the future! An "always so fascinanting to watch" actor!
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This is a list with 20 most fascinating directors.
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The greatest movies from one of "The Greatest Actors Of All Time". In no particular order.
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These are the best songs from movies that have a music video, with scenes from each flick.
The order is not necessarily important. I picked them considering how good the movie was too.
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These are THE BEST rom-coms from the past 20 years. In no particular order. FIRST doesn't necessarily mean BEST.

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20 People to watch over the next 20 years. In no particular order. Top, does not necessarily mean "First".