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8 Mile (2002)
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Two hours of Hip-Hop promotion, salvaged by solid Eminem performance, 5 February 2003

My biggest problem perhaps is that I'm not a fan of Hip-Hop music and hence I do not enjoy the work of Eminem. Even so, I thought I'll give the movie a shot, even if I did not though tat Eminem could act. On this point however, I was surprised. Eminem does a solid performance of portraying the white guy in the black gangs of The Motor City. I must confess it's one of the better performances I've seen for a while, especially when it came from a performer that has music as a head act. The movie however is really about, nothing. Rabbit (Eminem) is trying to get a record contract as an rap artist. Other than that it's really just a bunch of friends roaming the streets of Detroit. I might've enjoyed the picture more had I been a fan of rap music. I gave this movie a 3, but I strongly suggest anyone to see it, because of the performance by Eminem, it shows that not all celeberties that try to make a career in motion pictures are totally out of context. Totally unknown cast besides Kim Bassinger's role as Stephanie.

Generally, with total resistance from hip-hip fans, this is a promotion for hip-hop music as well as it plays a major role in Eminem's road to remembarance. Eminem started out as the kid that does anything, sings about anything and almost harrasses other people, including his mother. As time passes, he starts to soften up, because now he's famous. It all started with writing the song where he apologized to his mother, who was furious at this time. Now he's moved on to portray a soft and caring person in a motion picture. There's a reason why he doesn't portray a bad ghetto gangster in this movie. Even so, great performance!

Blood River (1991) (TV)
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Mighty entertaining, 18 January 2003

I bought this video at a market one summer, put it in the video and saw it. Being a western-fan I really appreciated the scenery and the exiting plot of the creation. Wilford Brimley and Rick Schroeder delivers a very powerful story that centers around their characters. It has all the ingredients to make a western a western. During the first few minutes you get directly thrown into the story of Schroeder's character to get a good background for the following events in the movie.

Definatly a see!

Texas (1994) (TV)
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Great entertaining story with magnificient scenerey, 18 January 2003

I rented this movie with really no expectations, other than I like western movies. The fact that it was 3 hours long seemed fine to me, I had some time to kill. To get down to the story I have no idea whether it follows the novel or not, but that's beside the point, since it's the movie we are reviewing not the book to movie relation. After some research on the Internet I found that it did, in fact, follow history very closly. Enough about that. I read in a comment above that someone praised Patrick Duffy's part in the movie, but I do not agree. Duffy can act, yes, but the problem is that it's basically the same character wether it's Step-By-Step, Dallas or any other part. This is a type of character that does not fit into the plot of a western in my view. What's really great is to see Rick Schroeder doing a rather large part and doing it very well. I first saw him in Blood River and was amazed at his acting talent in relation to the western theme.

All in all, I do recommend that you see this movie, it's an entertaining piece and does not get "slow" because it's long running time.

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Bloody, Fast, Scary..., 12 April 2002

With no expectations or predjudice, I decided to watch the movie since I've played the games. It turns out the movie was not to be shown locally in our town, so me and my friends had to take the 1.5 hrs drive north to catch the movie there. So we did and I must say it was really entertaining! Not really like the game, but not letting game-fans down. The music is perfect for the movie, even though I personally don't enjoy that genre of music that much, it really fit. The gore is as always present, we love it and if you remember all the times you jumped to the ceiling when you got scared from a zombie or something else non-exciting creature jumping out... Yeah, you get those skips here too.

All in all, a really entertaining game, RE fan or not!

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100% Karate-mania!, 4 December 2001

Not much to be said, this is truly the greatest Karate-flick ever released. I'm sorry Mr. Lee, you are out of the races, you do not possess the glow :)

Now availible on DVD as well, what more can someone want in life?

PS. Cool 80's soundtrack too! DS.

Tin Cup (1996)
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A must-see for all golfers, amateurs and pro's!, 7 August 2001

Being a golf player really is almost a must to enjoy this movie, or at least know golf. However there are other things involved in the plot of this movie. You'll find romance, comedy and some drama aswell, though most of this movie centers around golf and it's surrounding environments. Kevin Coster does a terrific job in portraying Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy, an old PGA pro that has spent his last years running a driving-range and hiding form the IRS :). Cheech Martin also astonishes with his role as "The Mexican golf-guru" and caddie to Tin Cup.

All in all I strongly recommend this movie to everyone, however, be ware that if you do not know the wonderful game of golf, you might not enjoy it to the full extent. Golfers in general should be required to see this movie. :)

10 out of 10 - No q's about that!

Tombstone (1993)
Val Kilmer in his best role ever!, 5 August 2001

When first renting this movie at a local dealer, I had no paticular expectations on this movie, sure, it had an impressive cast-list, but still... However, I was stunned by the movie, not as much by the plot, even though it deserves a grand chunk of admireing, as I was impressed by Val Kilmer's interpretation of Doc Holliday - The fastest gun in the west.

I strongly recommend this movie even if you do not in paticular enjoy westerns.

Taxi 2 (2000)
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Great "Easy-to-watch" Movie!, 5 August 2001

Sometimes you're in mood to see an "Easy-to-watch" movie, a movie that not requires you to sit tight and be concentrated while watching. Taxi 2 is certainly such a movie, and if you're a Car-fanatic, you're in for the ride of your life! As it is not necessary to have seen the first film, I strongly recommend it, especially if you like this one!