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Gone Girl (2014)
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Affleck has good energy, but the film is saturated with falsity., 22 October 2014

Because of the movie's high ratings, I went into the theater expecting at least decent entertainment. I found myself, instead in a never-never land. From the crowds round Affleck's house to the portrayal of the police to the motivations of the main characters, everything in this movie rings with falsity. The only believable representation of reality was the whorishness of the mass media. Thrown into all this fantasy are generous portions of gratuitous sex and violence, all part of relentless manipulation of the audience. Ben Affleck always brightens the screen with good energy, but you can't act yourself out of a dreadful movie. No doubt the film's high ratings will decline considerably with age.

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The right movie at the right time, 25 March 2006

V for Vendetta is a comic book style allegorical thriller. Although the setting is England, the film is really about what is happening in present day America, and what the rest of the world will be like in twenty or so years given current political trends. America has already collapsed, and the UK is in the grip of a neo-con dictatorship that has risen to power by creating high level of fear and religious faith in the population, while at the same time pumping them with high tech propaganda. The dictatorial coup is initiated by the ruling elite executing a false flag attack on their own people. Vendetta is a remake of "1984" in the context of the Bush administration. It alludes to 911 and anthrax attacks, the Patriot Act, Abu-ghraib, the fearful and passive American public and its corrupt, greedy, and even evil government and much more. But you can also enjoy this film simply as a futuristic thriller, fast moving with excellent special effects and some violence. Neither the effects nor the violence is overdone. Direction, acting, and writing are also good. There are a lot of good literary quotations and memorable speeches. At one point V says, "The artist lies to reveal the truth; the politician lies to conceal the truth." The movie is worth seeing on a lot of different levels.

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Close to Perfection!, 8 October 2005

This is as close to a perfect movie as you will find.

I've shown this film a number of times to classes of juveniles in detention, and after the initial first few minutes of resistance, even this short-attention-span audience, used to instant gratification, and the latest cinematic effects--even this audience, invariably becomes enthralled by Keaton's artistry and film magic.

Contemporary artists, like Jackie Chan, have copied much of Keaton's style and many of his stunts. Chan and others have used Keaton's stunt of running on the top of a moving train such that the runner appears stationary to the background. Keaton shows that great film artistry can be achieved with rudimentary technology.

Sherlock Jr. will remain on a list of "must watch" film classics as long as people are still watching movies.

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A Surprising Journey, 18 June 2005

This is a remarkable film, the first documentary I've ever seen where you don't want to give away the ending. It takes you on a real intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journey. Patient love shines through from both sides of the camera.

Superficially the film is about a flock more than 40 escaped parrots that now live wildly in and around the Telegraph Hill area of San Francisco. My partner and I saw the flock on our last visit there, and wondered what their story was. This film came as an answer from above.

But the movie works on more levels than natural history. More importantly it's a film about finding your own path in a world that isn't pathfinder friendly.

Amanda rates it a 10. I would have given it a nine only because I reserve "tens" for films of Kurosawa caliber. But I have no problem rounding our 9.5 to 10. It is a brilliant film. I feel confident in recommending it to virtually anyone. Elementary aged children will like it as a touching animal story, with moments of joy and sadness. Their parents and older siblings will appreciate the deep ecology and spirituality.


Sideways (2004)
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An Adam Sandler movie for the Latté set, 23 April 2005

The acting was competent, and the setting and photography were pleasing, but the screenplay was pointless and unbelievable. (Could anyone really believe that Jack is about to marry into a conservative, ethnic Armenian family!) The values of the film were sleazy and pretentious. The major characters were impossible to empathize with. Most adolescents manage to avoid the immaturity of the two middle aged heroes.

This movie will quickly be forgotten, even by the intellectual masses who so love it at the moment. What irked me most about the film is that it took up one of the two screens at our local "art" cinema for 15 weeks.

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Tries to pass off hip cynicism as artistic integrity, 22 February 2003

"Being John Malkovich" was seriously flawed in places, but at least an interesting attempt. "Adaptation" doesn't ever know where it's going, and it tries to substitute hip cynicism for creativity and artistic integrity. I'm surprised that Streep consented to be in it. There's nothing sadder than a black comedy that ain't funny!

"Adaptation" has the same adolescent qualities as a movie like "Trainspotting," "Pulp Fiction," and all of the Cohen Bros. stuff: mix a little potty humor with sudden violence and a couple of clever ideas; play with the audience and trash all the main characters; finish off with a heavy dose of cynicism, and Oh, Brother! a hip box office success-- if not a blockbuster.

Thankfully there are a few artists, like Polanski, who manage to reach the silver silver screen.

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The Movie That Wasn't There, 30 December 2001

This movie, that wasn't REALLY there, is another dreary and predictably 'over-the-top' Cohen Brothers film. The Brothers have an obvious eye for developing intriguing cinematic moments, but have never made a film without at least a couple of unforgivable, and objectionable artistic moments. In spite of the fact that the Brothers are art house favorites, this film is, no surprise to some, rated highest by teenagers on IMDB.

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One of the most underrated films in this database, 25 August 2001

'Young Einstein', as well as 'Reckless Kelly' certainly don't belong on any 'worst films' list. These movies are better, by any artistic criteria, than half of the films on the IMDB 'best 250' list. Yahoo Serious is a refreshingly original and creative artist with a highly developed sense of political and social consciousness. Enjoy his work with both eyes and mind wide open.