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Transit (2008/I)
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A rare french-Canadian thriller, 9 August 2014

I just saw Transit on DVD and what a surprise. The director Christian de la Cortina makes is film debut with a bang. He also plays in it and co-wrote the script. Naturelly this is not a big Hollywood budget film, but the cinematography, the story and the music are first rate. I did not know Luc Morissette before this film, I think he gives a great performance. Christian de la Cortina and Julie Du Page are also top actor. The film had not a large distribution and it's a pity. It never came in a cinema near my region. Thanks to the DVD I was able to see this very good thriller. I hope that mister De la Cortina has a chance to do more films in the future because he has the talent as a director and an interesting look on screen as an actor.

Nitro (2007)
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A Quebec action film, 29 June 2007

Action film is a genre rarely seen in Quebec film. Last year was for Bon Cop Bad Cop and now Nitro. A young man want's to safe the life of his wife. He has to get lost of money and a heart for a transplant. Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge is excellent and does most of his stunts. Lucie Laurier plays a woman with a attitude, don't step on her toes. Not only is she beautiful but she gives a great performance. There is lots of action in this low budget film, compare to the Die Hard series, but you'll be impress to see what they do in this picture. The story also as moments of drama and emotion. A very enjoyable film. Go see it. I think American producers would like to buy the script and do a remake. If they do , don't forget Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, he makes this movie believable.

Duo (2006)
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Very funny movie, 21 June 2006

Two agents, not at all friends, are trying to get a singer to make a comeback. They reach him in a small town in the beautiful Charlevoix region in Quebec, Canada. I went to see this movie mainly because of the beautiful and talented Annick Lemay. What a surprise! I laughed out loud in the cinema, that rarely happens to me. The story is very funny, the acting is superb. Julie McClemens is usually seen in dramatic roles, in this film she shows incredible talent for comedy. The scenery is so beautiful that you think to visit the Charlevoix region on your next vacation. I also liked the music. Stefie Shock's song " Ange gardien" should be a hit, the rhythm and the lyrics just stay in your head long after the screening. Go see this movie and have a great laugh.

The Novena (2005)
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The theme of this movie his faith., 13 September 2005

La Neuvaine won 3 awards in Italy last august, including a well deserve acting award for Patrick Drolet. Elyse Guilbault should have won also. Very slow pace movie. We witness the meeting of a religious young man and a woman doctor who does not believe in God. She wants to commit suicide, he wants his grand-mother to survive her terminal illness. The acting is superb. A well written script and a beautiful cinematography help us not to forget a thought provoking film. I went to see the film with friends and we talked about it at least an hour long after the viewing. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves in Canada, the States and the world.

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It's all about caring, 5 September 2005

" Saori never liked her gay father...But when a young man comes to tell her that Himiko is dying and that the nursing home is in danger of closing, she begins to see another dimension to his life and to his work." I have seen this movie at the Montreal Film Festival in august 2005.

The young man, Jô Odagiri, and Saori, Kou Shibasaki, are superb. Min Tanaka as Himiko gives a great performance also. The story is all about accepting different people in this case: homosexual, transvestite , old person and delinquent. The music adds to the soft and tender mood of the film. I must say that the cast in supporting roles give a touching and heartwarming performance. Though it could have been a very sad story, the director always gives a touch of hope. Mezon do Himiko is a film everyone should see. Life is not always easy , let's accept other people's difference and try to help each other. It would be a better world.

Friendship and second chance, 4 May 2004

Une jounée en taxi, is not a big budget film but a sincere film. A taxi driver and a convict on a 36 hours leave meet and share their loneliness. Gilles Renaud and French actor Jean Yanne are absolutely marvelous. They not only play their role , they are the character. The rest of the cast are very well known Quebec actors but they only make cameo appearance some even in a mute role. Some of the scenes remind us that a lot of people are prisoner in their own life. The only negative point would be the scene with the gun near a river. But that's only 2 minutes in the film so... I have seen this movie in a theatre and on video and each time it makes me think that the human race has a chance if people take the time to talk to each other. A Quebec film not very known but a little gem.

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Great Script, 8 August 2002

When I saw the poster of this film I thought: another stupid film. But I was completely wrong. Québec-Montréal has a brilliant script and a excellent editing.

The story takes us from Quebec city to Montreal in 4 different cars. Not much action but great dialogues. Young people between 25 and 30 years old talk about love, sex and respect. They sure have a hard time understanding the 3 subjects.

All the actors are terrific.

Don't miss that film.

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Great performances., 30 July 2001

I think that Nuit de Noces is probably the best French Canadian comedy to date. François Morency, in his first screen presence, is very good. This film has some of the greatest French Canadian comedians of 2001: Pierrette Robitaille ( fantastic ), Jacques Girard ( versatile ) René-Richard Cyr ( very funny ) and the couple Diane Lavallée and Yves Jacques are incredible, and so is the rest of the cast. The script is hilarious and sometimes food for thoughts in our way of accepting people's differences.