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Outpost (2008)
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Nice scifi/horror/war/action movie, 9 March 2008

If you ever played the famous game (PC and console) Wolfenstein, you will love this movies.

I like too much stories mixing horror and ominous Nazi scientific experiments. It's a very interesting and prolific genre. Sometimes you get some very poor stories, but it's not the case of this one. It's simple, it's plain and it's interesting with a nice mix of suspense, horror and action.

I like the way the actors played the characters, they are very realistic. Production is also very nice, no CGI at all, but only the good old way of creating weird and dark places.

If you want to see a cool mystery/horror movies with no fuzzy plot, this is the one. I recommend.

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Drowned in a deep ocean of confusion, 10 February 2008

Just as most people I loved the first film because it was a fun and full of adventure honest pirates adventure movie. I like too much Cpt. Sparrow with his dandy-acid high manners and the seductive course around the treasure and the living dead bad pirates.

The second movie was so-so but still interesting.

But this third one is a a mess of plots inside plots inside plots with a Greek goddess and love all around. I must say I fell drowned in a deep ocean of confusion after watching this movie.

I think the director/producers did a poor job trying to turn a funny adventure movie into a cerebral epic one.

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Very nice humor movie, 10 February 2008

I know I'm accepting a big risk in saying this, but I preferred this satire than the original movie. Really.

OK this movie is full of cheap easy jokes and references to other movies, but they managed to do this In very interesting way. It's not 100% idiot jokes humorless jokes.

It's really interesting seeing Kevin Sorbo playing a not-so-gay spartan. Its version of Xerxes is hilarious. And there is the gorgeous Carmen Electra playing a horny queen ... nice.

If you want to watch a movie with no cerebral pretensions but just some nice jokes for LOL, give this one a try.

2012 Doomsday (2008) (V)
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Waste of time, 7 February 2008

This movie promises something interesting but just delivers Christian religious propaganda, poor CGI effects, far-from-good actors and a very cliché story.

I'm really unable to understand why people would spend money to film a movie like that, it's a waste of money, just it. Perhaps some people gets some nice tax reduction investing in films like that because I doubt it makes enough money to worth the trouble.

If you want some religious propaganda plus wasting your time and money, feel free to rent/buy and watch this movie. I you want a good advise, rent another movie and never think about this one, even if it's in the bargain basket.

Black Book (2006)
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One of the best WWII movies I've ever seen, 12 January 2008

I'm a fan of WWII movies since I was a boy and I must say this one is one of the best movies of the theme I've ever seen.

If you like The Pianist you'll love this one too. Production is near perfect, characters are deep and intriguing, actors and actresses play very, very well and the history is very interesting. I think Verhoven got the perfect mix of all these ingredients to create a very good movie.

It would be no surprise for me if this movies wins the Oscar because it really deserves it.

This is one of the movies I'll buy the DVD to my collection and I dare to say few movies per year finds a place in my collection.

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I expected more, 10 January 2008

It's very interesting the way great comedians starts their careers with great movies and than accept to work on so-so or bad movies and then in great movies again. It's a strange repetitive circle. It's not different with Ben Stiler.

The problem with this movie is that it's just average funny. It has a nice basic plot but it wasn't explored to the bone,but only superficially. Most jokes are silly and weak exploring sexual content. Note I'm not against sexual content jokes but it need to be clever ones to be good.

I think it's a nice movie for a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon but it's just it.

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Beautiful, 30 December 2007

This movie is very beautiful. I love the photography, light and colors used along the scenes. It's a very good work that catches the eyes, really.

Story is very interesting although quite boring in some parts. But it's not a problem at all. You'll enjoy it a lot if you like historic movies.

The play of the actors is impressive. Kate Blanchet is perfect in this movie.

I saw this movie before I knew it is a sequel of the another movie, Elizabeth, and I'm looking forward to watch this other one too.

The Invasion (2007/I)
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Worths the ticket, 29 December 2007

I like this movie. It's not a better version of the 80's classic body snatchers movie but It's nice.

I like the clean look of the movie. Nice photography and good actors. Nicole Kidman is still stunning in her age ... I hope I marry to a women that gets older like her, I'll love it.

I think the director wanted this movie to have some suspense sequences but he failed completely. Action is just warm and fa from hot, thrilling.

Anyway I think this movies is worth seeing. It's a sugarcoated science fiction adventure but it's funny. Give it a chance, I think you'll like it.

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Very funny WWII movie, 28 December 2007

This is one of the best humor movies I've ever seen. It's really hard to mix a war plot with nice fine humor. Some try it but the result is very bad. This movie is an exception, it's great and funny.

I think the soul of this movies is it near naive humor. There is no that boring kind of "intelligent and cool humor for intelligent and cool people". It's plain humor works fine.

But don't think this movie is just humor because it has a humanitarian story bellow the humorous cover that touches the heart. It's about human beings doing their best to escape from death.

The soundtrack of this movie is great. I love the music, it's fabulous.

It's a great movie worth of seeing.

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Sugarcoated adventure for family viewing, 27 December 2007

I really liked the first movie with these characters but I got frustrated with this sequel. I was expecting much more intelligent puzzles and breathtaking adventure. Instead this movie is a perfect example of a sugarcoated adventure for family viewing in a lazy Saturday night in DVD in pijamas snacking microwave popcorn.

The plot is weak and far from plausible. There are the iconic characters (the smart hero and his love/hate girlfriend, the funny hero's assistant, the divorced hero's parents, the bad but not so bad guy, the good cop and so on). It's too much cliché for a single movie for allowing it to be a good one.

This definitely isn't a "Top 10" adventure movie. It's OK for viewing with the kids and just it.

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