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The greatest films to take on the stories of all assortments of famous people both dead and alive. The arduous and tumultuous and complexity of entire lives are tackled and achieved in being told in these films. Also, the lead actor or actress portraying each respective person must also resemble them.
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not in any particular order, but the first couple dozen are probably the first listed for a reason.
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The best movies ever that are entirely ORIGINAL. not based off of a book, or other work. completely made up from mind to movie. To be on this list the movie has to answer several questions: how could someone possibly think that up? How could someone make a world so real out of nothing?
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In these films it is easy to see a clear and apparent understanding of tone and style of the movie by both the filmmakers and actors. As a result, the movie is more unique and accessible. Let me know if you agree
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the best one liners in the history of cinema.

Some may make more than one appearance.
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The best Bond films in order of my personal preference. Agree?
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Movies that are overwhelming, crazy, heavy, twisted (or filled with twists), and just flat out mindblowing.
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Films with music that shocks, inspires, uplifts, terrifies, or provokes the audience.
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Funniest most enjoyable movies I've seen. No strict order.
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Only includes shows I have seen, or watched enough of to pass judgement.
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Films with the most compelling, witty, and entertaining dialogue and screenplay.
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Most creatively and artistically stimulating films and how the compilation of shots, music, and sound benefit the movie.
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List of film characters whose performances are unforgettable.
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You agree of disagree with all or any? Let me know.