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Definitely one of the best political thrillers ever made!, 12 November 2001

The Contender is a taut political thriller of the highest degree! The quality of the acting is at it's peak. Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges deserve their academy award nominations, and Gary! That man never fails to deliver, as he barrages about abortion as murder the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, this is a man you do not (you know what) with! Utterly unrecognisable as 'Shelly' both physically and by his accent, it is hard to believe that the actor is a 43 year old brit!

The film is not a battle between democrats and republicans, it is a story about the inequality in parliament, and the imbalance of power particularly in regards to women and our fight to be on equal footing!

this is a film to get passionate about, but the "USA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" thing gets a tad heavy handed by the end of the film. It's a film that on one hand wants you to walk away humming the American anthem under your breath while at the same time seeing the human fragility and hypocrisy within the 'temple of democracy' which might very well end up being it's downfall.

this is a film that deserves to be seen, there are heavy moments, but light moments too, thanks to Jeff Bridges whom i just cannot see as anyone but the dude which is probably why i couldn't stop laughing at the bowling scene....anyway, this is a not a popcorn movie so be prepared to concentrate, but it is well worth it in these uncertain times

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Gary IS Joe, 4 November 2001

Gary Oldman is absolutely brilliant as the tortured sexually promiscuous playwright Joe Orton, looking at pictures of the real Joe one is left in awe at not only physical resemblance but at the closeness that Oldman gets to Joe. The film is a sad reminder of jealousy and paranoia, the acting is superb, the story captivating. A quotable and memorable film!...i shall need a valium

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Almost! Almost had it!, 4 November 2001

As Gary Oldman growls his lines down th telephone the hairs on the back of your neck stand can believe he is a Russian communist, but then you realise no self respecting communist would appear in such propaganda, i appreciate the fight against terrorism as much as the next person but this is unoriginal action with actors who should have known better!Harrison Ford has starred in some of the best action films (Indian Jones, Blade Runner, STAR WARS) and to see him in such an uninspired cliche of a movie is disappointing

No prizes for guessing the ending *swoon for the president*

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Ingenious, 19 July 2001

Monty Python have long been a source of amusement ...and from the opening scenes of this film with the never tiring *gallop gallop* of the two coconuts substituting horses it is so very easy to see why Monty Python and the Holy Grail will forever be classic that any aspiring comedian should view for FLAWLESS comedy...this film has everything one could wish for, 5 of the best comedians performing superb sketches in a feature length film..the one liners are memorable and the locations even more so...the rabbit is my favourite....arggggggggh!