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I Am Sam (2001)
The Best Movie I have seen in a very long time!, 31 May 2002

This movie was so so beautiful. I loved every minute of it..from the actors, to the story, to the music...I know it is one I will definitely want to watch over and over again...Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of this movie! :o)

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great show!, 19 October 2001

I just remembered this show today and forgot who acted in here i am! I just had to read the other comments which cracked me up...especially those who thought Viki was so scary, Jamie's cheeks were too shiny, and were left emotionally scarred by Harriet. I mean, come on! Its just a show, not a physics test, no need to analyze!...yes--it has its flaws but just sit back with an open mind and you might find yourself smiling once in awhile.. And I always loved it...I remember when my sibs and cousins would sing the theme sing "she's a small wonder, lovely and bright with soft curls" something like that. Really, people just watch it for some clean fun. Maybe it doesn't have the drama people love nowadays, but it's good to think back on the simple life. So watch and relax!

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So Good..., 23 August 2001

Even though this movie is kinda old, i really really love to watch it over and over again..its one GREAT love story..that IS DEFINITELY WORTH SEEING! trust won't regret..the acting is wonderful and the movie is perfect..i especially love the ending!

LOVE IT!..., 7 August 2001

I really really enjoyed this was great-- fun, serious, and I thought the acting was perfect...I'm not so sure about Mandy Moore's part, but luckily she didn't have many scenes. Anne Hathaway is very talented and I cant wait to see what she does next! I kinda liked the book a little better, it gave you a better understanding of Mia and her life, although I know it would be hard to cram a book into a movie, word for word...but the ending was perfect and I still give it two thumbs up!!