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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza (2002 Video Game)
Lackluster at best, but not a total failure.
12 December 2006
Having bought Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza for just $4.99 at Big Lots, I had about zero faith in this game being good at all. Shockingly though, Nakatomi Plaza only mildly blows. It's merely just an average, plain, generic shooter with some pretty noticeable flaws.

I'd first like to point out that the game's cutscenes are downright nauseating and laughable. I don't know if it's the lack of animation, absurd looking characters, or horrible voice acting. I don't see how anyone could make a cutscene so awful.

Take for instance, the scene in Die Hard (the movie) where the FBI is being introduced. There are two agents named Johnson, one's white and one's black. The line from the movie was, "I'm Agent Johnson, this is Special Agent Johnson. No relation.", which was pretty funny. In the game they recreate this scene, except, BOTH AGENTS ARE FREAKIN' WHITE!! It kills the joke and doesn't even make any friggin' sense! The developers were either lazy, or just plain stupid or something. They pretty much take every single great scene from the movie, remove the awesomeness, and then rework it into graphical form. It's almost like a bunch of high school kids got a camera and decided to remake the movie. The voice acting doesn't help either. All the voice actors sound wooden and painfully bad, especially the main villain who sounds absolutely terrible. The only actor they could get from the movie was Reginald VelJohnson, which I guess does a semi decent job with the material he was given.

The only semi redeeming thing about this game is thankfully also the most important part, the gameplay. As bland as the graphics, sound, and pretty much everything else is, the game is actually pretty fun to play through once. Since instead of 12 terrorists, there are like 12,000, you will always have a horde of bad guys to mow down with your machine gun, which is always fun. It is a little awkward though having the gun be on the left side of the screen. Since Bruce Willis is left handed, I guess they were going for some realism there. Which is rather questionable in my opinion, since he's not in the game. If your going to have his face blacked out on the cover, and his voice done by someone else, then who the hell is going to care if he is using the wrong hand? I don't know maybe that's just me. They should have at least had an option to switch hands or something. It's a minor complaint really.

And like another person commented on here, the game suffers from some really brutal product placement. I quote the actual box to the game: "Use a Zippo lighter to light you way through the darkened floors and vents, a Motorola two-way radio to contact the outside world..." The product placement is so amazingly forced and obvious that it's laughable.

So to wrap this up, this game is so old and generic that your probably not going to even find it in stores anyway. It's fun for one time through. It will take you about 3 or 4 hours to beat it, then you will uninstall it and never touch it again. There's no multiplayer or any unlockable stuff to hold your interest. For $5, I'd say it was money decently spent. If you spend anything above that though you shall be throughly disappointed. Yippee Kai yey...

System Requirements: Windows, Pentium II 400, 64MB RAM, 800MB HDD, 3D Accelerator, 4X CD-ROM
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WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth (2002 Video Game)
15 November 2002
This game is pretty awesome. It is a definite improvement over the past games in the Smackdown series. Mainly in terms of gameplay. THQ has made the game feel just right. Big guys like Brock Lesnar and Kane actually move around sluggishly, but have lots of power. While smaller wrestlers like RVD can speed around the ring. There are plenty of new moves and reversals as well in the game. And many game modes too. The graphics are simply gorgeous down to the last detail. And the create-a-player has many new options. Overall, great game 9.5/10
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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (1999 Video Game)
Mainly for hardcore fans...
11 January 2002
This is a good game for fans who enjoyed the gameplay of the original Metal Gear Solid. It is basically a game with 300 "VR" missions that resemble the ones from MGS.

Keep in mind that there is exactly NO storyline in this game. Its just kind of like an add-on. If you haven't played Metal Gear Solid, you should buy that instead.
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WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It (2001 Video Game)
Not that bad, yet not that good...
4 January 2002
I bought this game with high hopes. I was thinking it would be the greatest game ever. While it is very good, it could have been a whole lot better. My main complaints are that several things available in Smackdown 2 have been taken out. Like create-a-pay per view and the ability to defend your titles against friends in exhibition mode. Also, there is a real lack of wrestlers in the game. There is about 35, and Smackdown 2 had over 50. Also, the story mode has been changed GREATLY. You no longer have an infinite lasting career. You start out, and the game just shows several cutscene's where you choose what you want to do, then fight a match. This seems cool at first, but after seeing the same movie dozens of times it gets very very very very very very repetitive (And no, you cant skip them either). Now the game does have some great things about it. Like an enhanced Create-A-Wrestler mode, more moves, and the ability to have 8 people on the screen at once. But I dont think this is enough to make a great sequel.

And finally, the gameplay, which has not changed much at all. Th only diffrence is a more useful Square button that can be used for reversals. It makes it slightly more realistic. But the fact that wrestlers will usually get up within 3 seconds of a move (sometimes even get up before you do) makes this game more arcade-like. Some like it that way, and some dont.

Overall, this game is a DECENT effort and is worth a purchase.
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Rollcage Stage II (2000 Video Game)
Great racer for the dying PSX console...
17 July 2001
Rollcage 2 is basically an average sequel. Its more cars, tracks, and modes while still keeping the same good gameplay of the original. You have the ability to race on walls and upside down on ceilings since you are going so fast, and you have Big wheels. This makes the gameplay unique and diffrent from other racers. The graphics in Rollcage 2 are also VERY immpresive. The game runs at an amazing speed. And the enviroments and textures look extremely nice. The sound isnt bad either. Its got very good techno tracks on it that dont sound repetitive. So overall, if you liked the last game, you'll like this game. And since its only $10, you cant be screwed that bad if you hate it. And it will last a while too since it has ALOT of tracks.
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G Police: Weapons of Justice (1999 Video Game)
17 July 2001
This game is very good. It has a storyline that is deeply engrossing and not stupid. The Cutscenes are very imppresive and they really show nice detail. The actual game though is diffrent. While the game does run at a descent speed and framerate, the draw-distance is terrible. You can only see about 20 feet in front of your ship. This can be especially annoying when hunting down an enemy ship. But if you can overlook this, its a real nice game to own.
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Red Faction (2001 Video Game)
An overall great immersive FPS for the PS2.
17 July 2001
When I purchased this game I was expecting the next Goldeneye (N64) or Medal of Honor (PSX). Those two games basically set the standards for Console Shooter games. While Red Faction manages to be the best FPS (first person shooter, for those who dont know) on the PS2, it is not the best FPS ever.

---The Bad's--- There isnt much to complain about this game. There are really no major complaints about the gameplay or graphical problems (glitches, etc...). But my real gripe is the lack of Features, and the not-so-great multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode serves its main purpose (2 players killing each other). But compared to other console games like Perfect Dark (N64) and TimeSplitters (PS2) it just doesnt have enough. I was also kind of annoyed that I did not unlock or get anything after I completed the game which usually happens with other FPS's.

---The Good's--- The main selling point in this game is the "Geo-Mod" technology. This is basically the ability to destroy anything that is in the game. Dont like a certain wall or rock? Then blow it up... There are SOME parts of the game where you cannot use this feature, but it is very rare. This feature can be very fun and creative to use. For Example, there was a convoy going across a bridge, and if you fire a few rockets at the bridge, it will collapse sending them to the bottom of a canyon.

The Graphics in this game are average. The game runs at a fast speed. But sometimes the textures feel a little dull and boring. And the enemy's faces lack in variety. All the uniforms in this game could use a little variety also. There's basically the 'good' Miners (Red outfits), the 'bad' Ultor Corporation (bluish outfits), and then some scientists.

Gameplay is done excellently. The controls are very similar to the PS2 game called "Timesplitters". It will take a while to get used to the controls, but once you have it is pretty easy. And the addition of Vehicles in this game add to the level of enjoyment. The story keeps you motivated throughout the game. And frankly, its not that bad of a story. Its basically about a guy named Parker who wants to try something new in life. So he decides to become a Miner and work for the Ultor Corporation (which is on Mars). When he arrives there he learns that it really sucks being a miner. The conditions are horrible and the guards brutally assualt you. Finally, the miners start a revolt against Ultor and call themselves the Red Faction. You take control of Parker and start your journey into a very long game.

---Overall--- This game manages to keep you occupied until your finished. If your a big fan of FPS's, you might still play it after your done.

This game has good graphics, gameplay, sound, and most importantly...its pretty fun to play.
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