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Dad's Army (1971)
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Great but a film based rerun of the series, 3 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Im a die hard Dads Army fan and nothing will ever change that. I got all the tapes, DVD's and audiobooks and every time i watch/listen to them its brand new.

The film. The film is a re run of certain episodes, Man and the hour, Enemy within the gates, Battle School and numerous others with a different edge. Introduction of a new General instead of Captain Square was a brilliant move - especially when he wouldn't cash the cheque (something that is rarely done now).

It follows through the early years of getting equipment and uniforms, starting up and training. All in all, its a great film for a boring Sunday afternoon.

Two draw backs. One is the Germans bogus dodgy accents (come one, Germans cant pronounced the letter "W" like us) and Two The casting of Liz Frazer instead of the familiar Janet Davis. I like Liz in other films like the carry ons but she doesn't carry it correctly in this and Janet Davis would have been the better choice.

Ripper (1996) (VG)
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10 years and i never got beyond disc 2, 18 February 2007

Ripper - a future version of Jack The Ripper style murders. Sounds great and think you're in for hours of fun.

Ill change the word hours to years. I had this game (sadly the first disc broke and its not XP compatible) 10 years and never got beyond disc two. The puzzles are complicated with no obvious or logical pattern. The story goes along and then hits a blank. I gave up playing it.

This was way before the internet and game cheats, hints and walkthroughs. Like other postings, get these at hand before you even buy the game (if you can find it - try Ebay)

All in all, if you like puzzles and got a lot of time on your hands - get hold of this game.

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Good film but just tooo American, 23 January 2007

First things first. I like the film. The story is good, characters are interesting as the bad girl survives and the effects are good also. Also like to state now i have nothing against the USA, Americans or anything American. But, this film is just too American.

Its meant to be in the future, the world is run by a single government which is based on the American system (a sky Marshall instead of a president). To move things about, they put the seat of government in Geneva and base the film in Buenos Aires. They are about as Swiss or Argentinian as the England Cricket Team are. This is fooling no one. Bung them in Southb America, make a few names sound Spanish and hey no-one will realise we have cast the entire film out of Americans, set the whole thing as if its an American government and, oo, have an all American cast.

Next time anyone makes a film like this, take some tips from the Genius of George Lucas.

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This rounds it off great - Order 66, 23 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film rounds the entire series off in a spectacular fashion. The effects - Out of this world The Cast - International and fantastic - look through the cast list above and see how many different nationalities they are. Wow the actor who plays the young Tarkin at the end looks so much like the late Peter Cushin. So many familiar things are here, the super star destroyer, the death star (always loved that but never knew how it worked). Shame though as they could have put the odd character in from Episode 4 to make the links more stronger.

£ years into the Clone wars (yep those mentioned by Luke in Episode 4) and its all in full swing. Well Sidious (who we have all worked out who is) has everyone playing against everyone while showing Anakin the dark side and slowly converting him. Im saying no more there.

The only downside in the movie is (and I've listed this in the goofs) that the mystery around Kamino was never revealed. Not even in the book either. This i was disappointed with as i was fascinated in the planet of ocean (and because I'm sure a lady i worked with WAS a Kaminoan - she was tall, thin and had a long neck).

International cast (great move George), story, effects and emotion its all here. Watch and enjoy

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This one explains more, 23 January 2007

Like i put for TPM, don't try and link this to the originals. I sat, again in the cinema trying to link this film to the original saga and when Skywalker is flying across the city planet (cant spell its name) i had to think: "is this star wars I'm watching?". Once I cut off the others and enjoyed this for what it is, i could see the plot and see what was going on.

This is 10 years since the TPM. Anakin has grown up, Padme hasn't and Obi won still has a dodgy English accent. Palpatine is firmly in office and still playing everyone against each other (opps a spoiler). The effects are amazing, honestly you cant tell what is digital and what is real (and in some films its obvious). The cast are great. Lucas did a fantastic job with them as they aren't all one nationality - Too many sci fi films like Starship Troopers use all American casts (Find the Americans could be a game to past the time in this) and the story does seem slow at times but it explains things and how the latter story fits together.

Watch and enjoy with the other 5, you'll need a wet or snowy day to do it in.

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Don't link this to episode 4,5 and 6, 23 January 2007

I watched this when it came out in the cinema and spent the first half an hour wondering what the hell was going on. I made mental notes of the planets, characters etc and nothing rang true. The Gungans? Who are they? The Trade Federation? What!!! Naboo? That wasn't mentioned in the originals!

Then, I forgot the originals existed and watched this film and enjoyed it on its own merit. The story is early on in the saga, there are no familiar characters apart from R2D2. Anikin Skywalker and Tatooine are mentioned and seen and it becomes understandable. Some details could have been mentioned more like Jabba The Hutt suddenly realising who they were and holding them to ransom, that would have been better than the "aquiring spare parts" story behind the pod race. Say if Jabba Held them to ransom, the boy wins and they go free, they lose, they become His.

The whole film is very good on its own. When you watch it, keep in mind that its part one of the saga and the originals are parts 4, 5 and 6 so there is no links - There are two more parts after this one. The end fight was slightly predictable the second Anakin got into the fighter but it is entertaining especially seeing faces from British TV in it (The bloke from Holby City, Ralf Brown who was in Corrie recently and Celia Imrie who people will know from dinnerladies).

Watch this as Part 1 and you will enjoy - best viewed with 13 hours to spare and DVD's of the other 5 films

Clue (1994) (VG)
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new life to the board game, 21 January 2007

I'll be honest. I love Cludeo as a game but the board game does get boring. Its just the same every time, you're guessing with playing cards.

The i see this little gem in the computer game shop (cant remember which). I looked it over expecting it to be the same board game with playing cards and i couldn't be more wrong. The characters are real people (including Joan Sims of the Carry On era). The house you can actually walk around. You can interview the suspects, look for clues. wow this has breathed new life in the Cludeo franchise. If you can find this on Ebay and don't have Windows XP. BUY IT!!!!!! The multiple solutions will give you hours if not weeks of fun. Just make sure you have a stock of pencils and a pad handy - You'll need it!!

Doing Time (1979)
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shear class, 13 January 2007

sadly cant put an 11 rating of this film as it certainly deserves it. This is a spin off from the TV series and only the name and characters are the same. The plot, unlike other sitcoms-turned-movies like Steptoe, Dads Army and Are You Being Served, is completely new.

Brief outline as here is no way I'm going to spoil it for anyone. Barker is the lovable rogue Fletch and he has been put in charge to arrange a football match in order for another con to escape. The jokes are fresh, the story is fresh and the characters are fantastic. This deserves Oscars for performance, script and direction.

Catch this on DVD. Its well worth the money and the time to watch it.

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i disagree with some comments this is good, 1 January 2007

Some people commenting on here didn't like that, especially the gentleman from Texas. Honestly, i liked it. Its telling the familiar tale of The Wizard of Oz with a modern feel and a crowd of puppets.

I will say its not in the same league as Muppets Christmas Carol which was out of this world, but it does hold up. There are less human characters in it and more muppets. Miss Piggy as the wicked witches - who else could do the parts???? (I'm at the point where piggy is the WW of the West and dressed as a biker in leather.) Kermit is Scarecrow, Gonzo the tin thing (20 years watching the muppets, im still wondering what gonzo is?), Fozzie as the cowardly lion and Pepe the Prawn as, Toto. Ashanti is so gorgeous as Dorothy. I saw her at the start and during the film and thought "WOW"

This is a good one for the kids or to watch if you like the muppets. With all films that are using a basic theme, forget the others, judge this by itself and not against any others. you'll love it.

Sinderella Live (1995) (V)
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this is brill - don't watch it though if easily offended, 25 December 2006

This is utter brilliance. Ten years on its still as fresh, funny and excellent as it was when first done. Jim is Buttons in the classic tale, Jess Conrad is the prince (with tight clothing - watch it you'll see what i mean). the late charlie drake is utter brilliant as the baron. You'll have to watch it purely to see where he can remember the script. Script? there isn't one i don't think. a lot is ad-libbed which i think makes the show better and this is definitely one if you liked Jim Davidson in stand up. Please just don't watch it if you're offended easily as this is smutty, swearing and plain adult humour.

If you watch this, catch his other two adult pantos. Sinderella 2004 and Boobs in the wood as these are just as fresh, comical and adult.

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