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3 Dogs and a Baby, 9 May 2011

During the filming, I was so upset at the hospital because they made me leave my son there overnight and I had to go home because he wasn't urinating. As I was leaving and before they rolled him away, I whispered in his ear and told him to urinate on a nurse because they were making me leave him there. What do you know... he did just as I asked. Amazing, only a few days old and already so obedient. I can't believe how overweight I was. I love how emotional my mother gets when she talks about how her daughter having a baby reminds her of the times she had her children (love you mom). I wish my father had more lines in this episode since he is so wise and awesome. I also wish my 2 other sisters could've been there. The camera crew was so nice, but when they were filming us all night it got a bit annoying. Although I am so glad I allowed them into our home to capture it all for us. I especially enjoyed the scenes that show my mother cooking; she is the best! After this experience, I strongly urge any pregnant woman to take Bradley classes. We took them with our second child, a daughter, and I was able to enjoy a completely natural birth; no drugs. Natural is WAY better than cesarean. If you've already had a c-section, don't believe anyone who says you can't give birth natural... YES YOU CAN! It's called a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) and it's much safer than having a second c-section (watch "The Business of Being Born"). I hope I can appear on TV again in the future, maybe in a Kendricks Brothers film :-). Anyone can watch this episode at

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Highway to Heaven, 18 October 2006

I grew up watching this TV show and it was usually very touching and sometimes very sad. There is one episode in season 2 that was very good called "Friends". It's about an overweight girl, Jenny, who is desperate to make friends at school. When she begins to tutor the school jock, Jack, another girl in school gets jealous and acts like she is her friend. Then she humiliates Jenny in front of Jack. Jonathan helps her build her self-esteem and brings Jack's down a bit.

I also enjoyed these two guys on Little House on the Prairie which was an excellent family show (I own all seasons on DVD!) It's sad that some people think these two were gay. I guess some narrow-minded people can't understand that two guys can be very good friends. Especially with all of the trash on TV now, if a show is very wholesome some people don't like it and have to try to tear it down.

Anyone with children who wants to let them watch a show without profanity and filth should let them watch this great show. We all love and miss you Michael and Victor!