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Additional film directors whose films I have watched/ranked My very favorite films directors are here:
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I took the pledge to watch 52 films by women for 2016. WARNING: the number of films on this list may exceed 52. Proceed at your own risk.
I tweet the films I watch that were directed by women: Twitter - @allicinema
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The films that made me laugh the most.
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underrated/underseen movies
updated list
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Best films from the current decade. To be updated.
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My favorite actors (and actresses).
Also see Great Performances:
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Here are some undeniable favorites. This list originally appeared on MUBI:
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My favorite films from the 1980s.
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Also see my list on MUBI:
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Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary
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My favorite short films.
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allisoncm's Favorite Films of the 1970s
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The movies that scared me the most.
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Allison from chooses her favorite French films.
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Jean Douchet's book, French New Wave, features film reviews by critics such as Jacques Rivette, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, André Bazin, and Éric Rohmer.

The book not only covers the groundbreaking films of the New Wave, but the films that inspired and were inspired by the movement.

1-9: 1955
10-17: 1956
18-25: 1957
26-35: 1958
36-45: 1959
46-57: 1960
58-65: 1961
66-73: 1962
74-80: 1963
81-85: 1964
86+ Additional movies found in the essays and index.

#109 (Les Sept péchés capitaux) refers to Jacques Demy's segment "La Luxure"
#111 (Paris vu par…) refers to author Jean Douchet's segment "Saint-Germain-des-Prés"
#130 (Paris vu par…) refers to Jean-Luc Godard's segment "Montparnasse-Levallois"
# 164 (Paris vu par…) refers to Jean-Daniel Pollet's segment "Rue Saint-Denis"
# 178 (Paris vu par…) refers to Jean Rouch's segment "Gare du Nord"
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Best German films of all time.
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My favorite films.
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But hopefully not for long!
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Best cinematography
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Top sci-fi
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Favorite Japanese lists.
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Musicals I love so much I want to go on singing of them forever.
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My ranking of Janet Gaynor's films.

Tier One: 1
Tier Two: 2-6
Tier Three: 7-16
Tier Four: 17

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) 8/10 (Really good)
The Plastic Age (1925) 7/10 (Good)
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Claude Chabrol was my favorite French film director. His films usually cover the downward spiral of an ordinary person’s life until everything is out of control. For a full ranking, go to: