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Brilliant social commentary, 10 November 2006

Bill Hicks was not your average stand-up comic. He was full of insightful social commentary and was not afraid to air his nonconformist viewpoints. Somewhere between Hunter Thompson and Huey Newton, he was a genuine visionary in the world of comedy and entertainment.

This special includes some of his greatest bits, though you may have heard others over the years try to make them their own. I would highly recommend to any thoughtful person, whether a comedy fan or not, to watch this if you have the opportunity. You can find it on Google Video and on Youtube and I know that is included on at least one Bill Hicks DVD. I recommend looking for it online as I don't know if there's enough of a Bill Hicks fan base now, twelve years after his death, for there to be an abundant supply of the DVDs that have been released.