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Unwanted (2017)
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Why, 29 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching this film. It looks to be one in which the director, writer and producer decided to try and write and produce a horror film. Being from East Texas, I admit I was excited about a film which was filmed in Pittsburg, Texas, which is mainly known for chickens. This had the makings of a decent film, but fell way short. From looking up the actors on IMDb, it would appear that only one has prior experience, however, having said that, the acting was not over-the- top, therefore, it looked as if they knew what they were doing. One very big question, what happened to the sister of the wife? I am guessing she was the sister of the wife, as at one point the husband tells the neighbor that they do not have children, but hope to in the future. She is there during the move and helps move boxes into the house and then night falls and the next morning she is never to be seen again. Did the director just forget about her? The neighbor is sorely lacking in details of the house and it's past for someone who has been around for so long. The two who came to clean the house of spirits were the worse actors in the movie. I could go on and on, but the movie really could have been one that was worth watching if the script was bulked up and there was a better telling of the history of the home. It seemed as if the end was an after thought, when the movie flashed back to what happened many years earlier. At around 73 minutes the movie didn't have time to really get bulked up with needed details and more scenes to make it a horror film. With very little language and no nudity, this movie is fine for the younger crowd. All in all, it fails at being even a B horror movie.

Been There, Done That, Too Many Times, 6 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A host, Brit, travels to places that we all have seen dozens of times. Over six episodes, we see the pyramids, Ankor Wat, the Mayans and more. The host travels and visits these sites and chats with some expert or the other, then tries his hand at doing what the locals are doing at that point in time in the current episode. The host is really no worse than others on shows of this types and the film quality is good, but Nova or Discovery has most likely covered these topics in a more professional way. If you are bored and have Netflix, this is not all that bad for late night viewing. The series ran for one season and that was probably a good thing. I am sure the money could have been spent in better ways, but TV has really gone down over the last decade, so we can probably expect more of this type of viewing.

Not Much Here Other than Fivel Stewart, 23 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What is the best thing I can say about Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft (2013), oh yeah, it was only 83 minutes long, instead of 90+ minutes. Fivel Stewart and real life brother, BooBoo Stewart play – wait for it – brother and sister witch slayers, Ella and Jonah. It was good to see Vanessa Angel again, sorry it had to be in such poor movie and one of my all time favorite ladies, Cherie Currie who does get a couple of scenes teaching one of the smallest classes I have ever seen, but at least it is outdoors and under a shade tree. A couple of other decent players, none of whom I ever remember seeing before are Tyne Stecklein as Megan, Courtney B. Turk as Reiko, Kathryn Collins as Kristen and I felt she should have been given a much bigger role. Then there was the BMOC played by Niclas Gillis as Landon and a brief role going to Judy Norton as Allyson. Finally one of my least favorite actors Eric Roberts as Mr. Sebastian.

The whole thing takes place at one school, but they try and make you think it is two schools, but the opening scene at the first school is the same scene they use over and over in the movie. The whole thing is a rush to make money on the coat-tails of the real Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters. I won't spoil your fun and or give anything away, as if there were anything to give away. You might watch this to see Fivel Stewart as I think she could go far in the movie business, as long as she doesn't get too many roles like this one.

The Factory (2012/V)
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Better Than Most Of The Kidnap Films I Have Seen, 31 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching The Factory, a 2012 movie that was done back in 2007, but according to some, just sit on the shelf for all those years. Not sure if it did or not, but I can believe it when I see some of the stars and then check out their ages. Of course looks in a movie can be deceiving. This is movie is about a nut job played by Dallas Roberts (The Walking Dead) who kidnaps young women so he can impregnate them to start a family. Been there, seen that, you are probably saying, but still worth watching. He is being chased by a police officer played by John Cusack and his partner played by Jennifer Carpenter who also played Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and is also in Dexter. John's wife is played by Sonya Walger who played Sally Harper in the American version of Coupling back in 2003, which by the way sucked when compared to the outstanding BBC version. She was also in Lost. John's daughter is played by Mae Whitman and she just happens to get herself kidnapped by the very person her father is looking for. She was also in The Perks of Being A Wallflower. When she is kidnapped, she ends up in the basement with two other young girls, one played by Katherine Waterson who appeared in The Babysitters back in 2007. The other is Mageina Tovah who appeared in American Horror Story and Scandal. During his investigation, John goes to see a hooker played by none other than the beautiful Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi in the hit series Lost Girl. Unfortunately, her part is much too short, but well done and she is blonde unlike Kenzi who has dark hair. Cindy Sampson plays an undercover cop posing as a hooker. She had a much bigger part in the series Supernatural, but she does a great job with what she has to work with. This show has been rated low by some and a bit higher by others, but not being a film critic, I would give it a passing grade. I look to see if it has people I like, a decent story, and can it hold my attention for 90 plus minutes and this one did that. Also, it does have a surprise ending, which was not at all what I expected. I give it a 8 out of 10 rating.

China Rose (1983) (TV)
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One Reviewer Didn't Watch This Movie, 9 March 2013

Ali MacGraw can't act, c'mon give me a break. One reviewer must be a Jr. High drop-out with no taste. MacGraw and Scott both do a fine job in China Rose. After all it is listed as a T.V. movie and that should be taken into consideration. Briefly, man goes to China to look for his son, lady is assigned to help him, romance sort of develops, but must take a back seat to the search. The rest you must watch to find out for yourself.

I didn't have enough lines, so I will add the fact that there is a dark secret to be revealed but again you must watch the movie and I recommend you do. I found it on Amazon and added to my collection because I am a huge Ali MacGraw fan, no matter what some say. Yes, she was older in this film, but all of us age or die, so don't judge someone because they are aging.

Haunted High (2012) (TV)
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Goes right along with the other crap Sy-Fy has been showing., 26 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

NOTE: Contains one or two small things that could be a "SPOILER," if that is even possible with this piece of Sy-Fy junk. I was taught way back to say at least something nice before you say something bad about someone or something, so the good parts are the appearance of M.C. Gainey who was very good as Bo Crowder in the series "Justified" which just happens to be my favorite FX series. He was also in a short-lived series named "Happy Town." To my disappointment, Charisma Carpenter who has appeared in some really good series, such as "Buffy" and "Angel" (Spoiler Now) lasted all of about 20 minutes in "Haunted High." Lauren Pennington and Shawn C. Phillips did a good job with what they had to work with, which wasn't much. I have to say that I really like Danny Trejo and he has appeared in way too many good shows to list, so Danny was this just a paycheck.

A tiny bit about the actual show, as Michael from Louisville, covered it very well, so I won't rehash it all, but good old M.C. Gainey along with his long-dead-lover played by Misty Marshall are given the chance to rise again and raise hell in what appears to a private school, with very few students and some really drab uniforms. Some dumb-a-s history teacher sort of steals a gold coin type of item and drops it and that opens the door so old M.C. and lover aka demon can slip through to this side and raise a little school hell and make really bad puns. This show goes off in several directions at once and not many of them make sense. You don't get to know or even care about the students. I won't give away the end, but if you haven't figured it out in the first half-hour, then you are not a fan of the Sy-Fy Saturday night movie(s). The rest of cast is really not worth mentioning although there were a couple of cute girls and the required a—hole guys. Since this was filmed in New Orleans, they could have made better use of the site than what they did. OK, my vote is only 2 stars out of 10.

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Another Failure From The Sy-Fy Channel, 10 October 2011

When does reality T.V. start being real? The minute they take all the trash off the air, especially on the Sy-Fy channel. Tracy Morgan is horrible and should go back to doing whatever it was that he did before, which wasn't all that good either. I still have to wonder why Sy-Fy subjects it's fans to crap like this when there are so many movies that they could be showing. Even bad B-Horror movies are much preferred over reality T.V. which is not at all real. Scare Tactics fails, not only to scare, but to entertain as well. Hopefully, someday soon, the craze toward cheap T.V. by the brass in the upstairs offices will end and the viewers will once again be given some quality T.V. viewing.

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About a 40 minute version of The Amityville Horror, 9 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why does Sy-Fy keep subjecting viewers to these insane shows, oh yes, I remember now, Money.. Maybe it's just me, but I got sort of confused watching the first segment. We had what was supposed to be the real person talking about the "happening", while actors did the actual recreation. One did not really look like the other. Anyway, the whole thing reminded me of the Amityville Horror, but done on a McDonald's budget and as a short. I would much prefer to watch a bad Sy-Fy movie anytime, but it seems as if the reality craze has not yet reached it's peak. I hope it does soon as T.V. in general is going downhill at a rapid pace. The second segment wasn't as bad as the first, but been there, seen that and would love for Sy-Fy to move on.

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A Really Good Vampire Show, 23 August 2011

I must say that I have to disagree with the reviewer from England, no disrespect, but this show is far from being bad. I just don't think I view some of the shows, both on the T.V. and at the movies, the way some reviewers do. I don't look at camera angles, lighting, location, and all the other items that a more professional viewer might look at. All I want to know is it entertaining and does it have one or more people in it that I like. This show has it all. Adrian Pasdar (Near Dark-1987) is the police officer trying to solve a few murders, which I will not go into as it might contain a spoiler or two. Teri Polo (Focker movies 2004 & 2010) is a favorite of mine, even though I refused to watch the Focker movies. CCH Pounder (WareHouse-13) and Jorja Fox (CSI) are all in here as well. Nicole Nagel played a vampire bartender, but sadly, according to IMDb has not done anything since 2007. I must say I thought this show had the coolest vampire I have ever seen. I thought the show had enough action and moved along well enough to keep one in his or her seat. It is hard to review this without giving away too much, but I will say if it ever comes back to T.V. and you get a chance, give it a shot. As for me, well, I keep hoping it will show up on DVD one of these days.

House of Bones (2010) (TV)
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Rose Red Meets The Ghost Hunters, 11 August 2011

"House of Bones" is a 90 minute, 2010, TV-14 horror movie that was filmed in Crowley, La, which is located in South Central Louisiana.

The main characters are Heather, a psychic, played by Charisma Carpenter, which you most likely remember from not only "Buffy", but "Angel" as well or "Greek" another T.V. series. I must admit at this point that I was watching the almost horrible "The Hills Have Eyes II" on Sy-Fy this past Saturday night, when I got up to check on what was coming up next. I looked up the Sy-Fy schedule on-line and got this name and then used IMDb to check it out. Seeing that it had Charisma in it, I decided to stay up and watch it. Turned out to be a pretty decision.

Corin Nemec, whom I must admit, I don't really care for, was another semi-big-name and he did play his part to the hilt. Most of the rest of the cast, I didn't have a clue about, but kudos to them as they did a really good job in making this a decent horror movie.

Like others have said, it has been done before and in many cases much better. Without giving anything away, it feels like "Rose Red" meets "Ghost Hunters." Actually it is what I wish "Ghost Hunters" was more like, but that might just push the envelope a bit too much. None the less, this was a decent, no, not great, but decent enough horror movie for me to stay up and watch and if I found it at my local video store or the local Wal-Mart, in their bargain bin for under $5.00, I would pick it up and add it to my B-move collection.

I will say that I thought the house was pretty nice and the well-house was a nice twist as well.

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