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The "C of Red" will forever live on, 21 February 2005

Chances are if you are from Canada, the 2003-04 season was one to remember as the Calgary Flames led by Jarome Iginla took a team from Canada to the Finals for the first time since 1994. The Flames amazing run to the Finals brought back hope to a national sport dominated by Americanization. Could a team with the likes of Jarome Iginla, Martin Gelinas and Miikka Kiprusoff, who knocked off the three Western Conference division winners to get to the Finals. On the opposite end is an upstart team in Tampa Bay, after years of being the NHL's laughingstock climbed up to respectability with Dave Andreychuk's leadership with a up-tempo game and skilled players like Brad Richards, Vincent Lecavalier & Martin St. Louis. At last be got to enjoy a really awesome series, because we won't have hockey at all for a long time because of greedy players and teams who don't care about the fans. Luckily there's NBA Basketball to fall back on!!!!.

Gigli (2003)
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Bennifer movies are bound to suck!!, 26 October 2003

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*Spoilers within*

I went to Gigli recently and yuck no wonder the critics bashed it, I want my 2 hours back, there was no originality whatsoever, All the movie was is Rain Man, Pulp Fiction & Chasing Amy rolled into a ball and made into a movie. I mean when Gobble, Gobble is the pick up line and Ben Affleck doing the bull speech is bad especially when like Chasing Amy they debate gay vs straight, come on that is soo old. The only thing that made the movie was Justin Bartha playing Brian. I mean Martin Brest must have been on crack cocaine when he wrote the movie and what the hell were Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez & Al Pacino thinking when they signed on to the script, I mean there was a senseless plot, Stupid thug, kidnap mentally disabled person )gee didn't we see that in Rain Man) Or the whole hitman idea (Gee, didn't we also see that in Pulp Fiction) and watching half the movie debating Gay versus Straight (Well, gee Ben did this in Chasing Amy with Joey Lauren Adams). I mean the characters are total idiots and a few questionable scenes like how could Ben Affleck get away with kidnapping someone from an institution and cutting off a thumb in a morgue with a butter knife without getting confronted by authorities or a little thing called security cameras. this movie was total garbage, and I'm glad I only paid $3.00 to watch it at the theatre instead of $8.50. I mean Ben Affleck has done some bad movies in the past but by far this one has to be the worst, it's the icing on the cake. I mean the media overhyped it because of Ben & Jen's romance and when America fell in love with Ben & Jen and the romance called "Bennifer" but now, a lot of people want the media to quit talking about them, Well I can't wait till the 2003 Razzie awrds come out cause this one has won in every category possible, I just hope Jersey Girl isn't as bad as this was!!! 1 0ut of 10 on my scale

Quite Good, 5 October 2003

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I watch the show the odd time and I figured why not give the movie a chance. And the movie was surprisingly better then the show. We see Lizzie (Duff) and her classmates going to Rome. Lizzie who just ruined the graduation ceremonies also happened to have her brother Matt video-tape it and put it on National Television. We see Lizzie meet Pablo, the famous half of the pop duo Pablo & Isabella fall for Lizzie and she manages to play hooky from the class trip just so she can hang out with Pablo, but what we don't find out until later is that Pablo is using Lizzie so he could make a fool out of her at the Music Awards, this plot later backfires as Isabella, Gordo & Lizzie all come together and make a fool out of Pablo when they reveal that Pablo actually Lip-Sync's his songs. The plot and storyline I thought was good. I liked the storyline that you can achieve your dreams. And for viewers young and old, it's a great family film, on my scale, I give this film a 7

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Interesting (*Potential Spoilers*), 24 August 2003

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*Potential Spoilers*

I first saw this movie 10 years ago and didn't pay much attention to it at first and I came across it 8 years later in a bargain bin. I tell you it is a very good unknown movie, I know that it does have a few questions about the two boys going AWOL but it was quite hilarious in some scenes. Like who would have thought that they would steal a car and take a lot of money out of ATM machines and smuggle themselves in another country, but the scene where Sam wears a Kotex pad across his head cause Josh could not find band-aids is a classic moment in this movie, it sucks that this movie is real forgettable despite the presences of Joan Allen as the stuck up mom, Steve Toblowsky as the father and Chris Penn as the drunk man who's rental car the boys steal. Like i said it's a good movie to watch and i recommend anybody who comes across it to buy it, it's worth it 8 out of 10 on my scale

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A good movie despite what the critics say!!!, 24 August 2003

I watched Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man recently and I figured it would be some corny macho movie but as it turns out, it happens to be a great movie. We see our characters Harley (Rourke) & Marlboro (Johnson) in 1996, Harley returns to Burbank to his hangout only to find that the bank is seizing the property so Harley and his buddies decide to do something to save their bar. Great one liners and almost every character is named after a tobacco product, motorcycle and a brand of alcohol, the highrise scene was great as was the rest of the movie, so if one night you just want to crack open a beer and watch an action packed movie, then this is the one, 9 out of 10 on my scale!!!

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The Thick Red Line, 24 August 2003

Despite it's title, The Thin Red Line should have been called The Thick Red Line because of the star studded cast it took, there wasn't a single no-name actor in the show, this film also happened to launch the career of Jim Caviezel (Catch from Angel Eyes) as a mainstream actor, the scenery was quite breathtaking as it was shot in the South Pacific and it gives us a realistic view of World War II and the events that took place, the battle scenes were quite good with the special FX, and it made it an entertaining movie to watch, I give it an 8 out of 10 and if you think it is "Three hours of sitting on the couch getting a sore ass", you are sorely mistaken

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Weak!!!!!, 20 August 2003

Slap Shot 2 i thought had to be incredibly weak compared to the original. I mean Paul Newman & Strother Martin made classic performances, something both Stephen Baldwin & Gary Busey couldn't do, I mean they were a team of ragtag misfits just like in the original but the difference is that the first one they played in a league and actually had heart, grit & determination when they were winning, this one is just bad, they lose either way and don't have a real rhythm, just like the New York Rangers. I mean this movie could have been a lot worse, and if this was How To Kill A Film Franchise 101, I guess the film makers succeeded because the original had an awesome thing going but this sequel is nothing compared to the original, hopefully they don't make Slap Shot 3 and destroy this once great film series even more then it already has!!!

Surprisingly, Quite Good, 30 December 2002

Chasing Amy is one of those films in my opinion that gives you a look at falling for somebody only to find their secrets and how to confront it. I liked Holden (Affleck) cause of the way he feels for Alyssa, but is shocked when the truth comes out. I found Banky quite amusing for his take on romance, lesbianism and comics. For the fans out there who are romantically challenged, curious or just like comic books, then this is a film for you!!!

Backdraft (1991)
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Breathtaking, 17 November 2002

Backdraft i thought had to be the most breathtaking film. I mean this movie had it all, a good storyline about 2 brothers who eventually have to co-exist to trach an arsonist who is setting "Backdraft" fires. The fire scenes are pretty good, considering that they were done with Special Effects. Ron Howard picked an excellent supporting cast with Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rebecca De Mornay. Overall this film gets and 8 out of 10, well done

Frequency (2000)
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Keeps You Guessing Right Till The End, 17 November 2002

Ok, i'm not going to wreck the movie for those of you who haven't seen it, but Frequency had to be one of the best Sci-Fi/Mystery ones I have seen in a long time. The movie is well acted by Dennis Quaid & Jim Caviezel who are stuck in 1969 & 1999 respectively, we see John (Caviezel), a NYPD Homicide officer who is still traumatized by the death of his dad (Quaid), a heroic firefighter. After coming across his HAM radio, he decides to plug it in, and comes across his dad, John manages to rescue him but with serious consequences. The film also boasts actual history events from the 1969 World Series and a finish which will surprise you, it's a movie that you really have to pay close attention to, but it's worth the lenght of the time duration, overall this film gets a 9 out of 10

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