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Docu-Drama about Hazing in Brazilian Medical Schools, 16 October 2006

This is Brazilian vanguard artist/painter Aldir Mendes de Souza's second and final full-length movie. It is a kind of docu-drama about sadistic hazing rituals for freshmen at Brazilian medical schools. Mr. Souza filmed real hazing scenes at two medical schools, USP and Santa Casa in Sao Paulo then mixed in professional actors. The movie takes a strong stance against hazing and when the students found out what the movie was really about, they nearly broke all of the film equipment and sent Mr. Mendes into the hospital. Besides being an artist, Aldir Mendes is a doctor, so you get the feeling that he must have been a hazing victim himself. Although this movie was well received when it came out and was regarded as prophetic when a hazing incident at USP medical school that resulted in a drowning death happened a few years ago, in a nearly identical way to a scene in the movie, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't really interested in Brazilian culture, or the psychology of hazing... It is not nearly as entertaining as the "Thank you may I have another" scene in Animal House, or the initiation-themed movie "Dazed and Confused".

Unusual cult film, 16 October 2006

This movie is a total rarity. I don't expect anyone to be able to find it in English, but it doesn't make much of a difference.. Director Aldir Mendes de Souza is a well-known vanguard artist and painter in Brazil who is also a doctor. In the early 70s he started playing around with a cardiac X-Ray machine, originally designed to film the heart beating, and made a few experimental films, most notably "Brazilian Suicide", in X-Ray. This raised a few eyebrows and a Brazilian production company invited him to make a full length movie. The movie was originally about a mad scientist who invents a monocle that allows him to see in X-Ray vision. So, he watches his cat and his bird moving around, then goes out to the street and "x-rays" people kissing, womens's bodies, etc, and gets slapped by annoyed pedestrians. It is a cool effect, like those X-ray vision glasses they used to advertize in the back of comic books should have really worked. Unfortunately for Aldir, the movie studio decided to turn the whole thing into a softcore-porn romantic comedy and added extra scenes to flesh it out. The original title was supposed to be "The man who discovered the Invisible" and they changed it to "The man who discovered the Naked Invisible". The movie flopped and to make things worse, Aldir thinks that his current bout of cancer may be a result of his many hours filming himself with the cardiac X-Ray machine making this movie. In any event, if you can ever find a copy of it it makes an interesting conversation piece.