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An excellent surprise for the fans of the killer doll himself, 20 October 2013

If you are a fan of this series then you are sure to be charmed to the bone by this installment. Despite a slight departure in Child's Play 3, this one picks up the ball. Or knife rather. Having David Kirschner and Don Mancini on board is a winning formula as displayed in Curse of Chucky. I have only just finished watching the film and felt the need to post a review of my approval. The mood of the movie blends both Child's Play 1 and 2 and therefore sets a wide open stage for Chucky. I can't divulge too much lest I spoil any bit of the movie but suffice to say that all the "surprises" are utterly and completely awesome.

Curse of Chucky made me smile at the methods of Chucky and his thinking. It's what's made this character so charming and entertaining however violent and evil he may get. Curse of Chucky, as most previous Child's Play films, finds what can only be described as a very difficult balance between a lovable character and a psychopathic murderer. Big fan of the cast, the animation is solid, not to mention that the story was solid.

An outsider probably wouldn't understand but for all the other Chucky fans out there, dig into this one as it is a fitting installment into the Child's Play franchise.

10/10, absolutely loved it!!

The Dreaming (2008/I)
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4.3?, 25 August 2011

A 4.3 rating for this film seems unfair without an explanation. The cinematography was awesome. I thought it was just a tiny bit slow moving, but otherwise a very impressive short film. The filmmaker clearly understands the rhythm of shots and editing them in such a way that each part had a purpose and a meaning to it. While I was, at times, confused, I found enjoyment in taking in the breath-taking shots and settings. He utilized the moving camera shots near perfect. And put together with the jarring stills, I loved it. Very cool and very well done in my opinion. I'd be interested to see where this filmmaker goes to from here.

"Chuck" (2007)
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What's the matter with you people?, 8 June 2008

Garbage. Utter garbage. And that's all we keep getting through shows like this is more and more garbage.

The breakdown looks like this to me: a guy that's supposed to be a nerd and have no life is one of the more attractive and charming males that one would meet. All of the women he meets are hot, he has a very expensive place by Los Angeles standards and many other little tidbits that contribute to his perfect little life in a perfect little world. The pilot opens with him escaping from his own birthday party which was so cute that I turned off the TV. That's right, pulled the plug. The next day I happened upon the rare human being that actually watch the show habitually and I quizzed and questioned them for an answer to the question: "How could you enjoy this thin, superficial, poorly done all around garbage?" The answer was always the same. "I don't know, I just like it." Well that's fine. Who am I to say what someone else should or should not like.

That doesn't stop me from giving me recommendation. And that would be, avoid this title at all costs. It's weak, it's lame, it's derivative, and above all, it's garbage.

The Return (2006/I)
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This movie super sucks, 11 November 2006

This was far and away the worst movie i've ever seen in my entire life. It was slow, boring, not scary, not funny, not dramatic, not entertaining.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was up to her old playbook of empty expressions of fright and shock. She couldn't sell her character nor could anyone else in the picture.

For those who thought the Grudge was 'kind of alright' then don't go see this unless you get enjoyment out of wasting your time and your life.

I saw this movie for free by the way so I don't want this to come across as a rant from a guy that lost 8 bucks on a terrible movie. It was free, it still sucked, I hated it.


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Absolutely outstanding, 3 November 2006

Flushed Away carries a weight of intellect with it not often found these days in American cinema and television. It's sharp-witted yet poignant and fresh at the same time.

I went in with the expectations of it being another animated film in an ocean of animated films, but I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained.

The message of the film is an ever-fading idea that isolation from each other is how we will become destroyed. The idea that one must go far, far beyond their comfort zone and any form of complacency to find what truly matters in life. The films treatment of this ideology, again, is brilliant in my opinion.

It has excellent writing, the animation is absolutely top notch, and the voice talent live up to their high dollar reputations. Everyone is outstanding in this film and it is a must see during the holidays.

Go see Flushed Away!!! Go now!!