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Desperately Seeking Susan and Do The Right Thing Actors, 11 January 2010

These three actors who appear briefly but prominently in Desperately Seeking Susan also appear in lead roles in Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING: John Turtorro who plays the Magic Club MC in DSS also stars as DINO in Do the Right Thing . Richard Edson plays Dino's brother Vito in Do The Right Thing appears as "man with newspapers" in DSS. Then you have Giancarlo Esposito who played the unforgettable"Buggin Out" in Do The Right Thing. The patron who points out that there are no pictures of black celebrities on the wall in the pizza parlor where brothers Dino and Vito work. Giancarlo is the third actor from Do The Right Thing to also to appear in Desperately Seeking Susan. He plays the street vendor who attempts to sell the lead actress a hat.

Another interesting bit of trivia in Desperately Seeking Susan is that Richard Edson's co-hort in "Stranger Than Paradise" John Lurie also has a bit part in the film.

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Only Coen Brothers Bomb!, 29 February 2008

The only bomb by the infamous Coen brothers. The rather impish film barley grossed its sparse 35 million budget in the US. Hard to believe the Coen brothers even directed this extremely light-hearted silly crime comedy. It bares none of the distinct markings of a real Coen brothers film. Most of all the casting is way off! Hanks is good

but is never really given a chance to shine. The rest of the cast hands in rather cheap performances. But I can't imagine what else they could muster up for this crude tribute to the UK classic. Its all very strange considering that a well picked cast is the heart of any Coen brothers flick. Barry Sonefeld the Cinematographer on "Raising Arizona" and "Miller's Crossing" is listed here on "The Lady Killers" as producer. Can't imagine why he wouldn't of backed his money with his own skills behind the camera. Without him the Coen's have never really been the same. The wide scope and intense angles that B.S. brought to their earlier work is much need here. Too bad... and sorta sad. Looks like the Coen brothers handed this one in... well under cooked!

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Accurate Home Video Info for this Anime, 14 January 2006

Another reviewer mentioned that this film known as The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor was ONLY available on at 76mins Faded VHS Version from16mm Print. This is NOT the case. Probably a Cheap-o Tape like that does exist. But most likely what the reviewer saw was a copy and not the original. This Original Release was in fact distributed in the 80's by MGM/UA Home Video with the F.H.E. Video Label ( family home entertainment ). It is the full length version of the film with both great picture, color, and sound. The video box title is The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor. The Screen Title credit on the video is Adventures of Sindbad. TOEI Animation was famous for the retelling of classics myths and tales for the international market. This feature was produced in 1962 then released to US TV via MGM in around 1975. The runtime on the F.H.E. video release is 87mins in length. - So, the uncut version for all to enjoy does indeed exist. I would hate to think that someone would give up looking for this film after the previous comments from another reviewer. Although, the video does exist. It is still hard to find - the generic title does not help with the search - If you plug in Adventures of Sinbad on for example amazon this film will not be listed. Neither will other TOEI Films on videos even though many titles were released through major home video labels like MEDIA - RCA - MAGIC WINDOW - and F.H.E. perhaps others as well. Even SONY home video release a TOEI short titled HONEY, HONEY. You will find it hard to search for many of these TOEI films with generic "farietale" Titles like ALADDIN AND THE WONDERFUL LAMP and AESOP'S FABLES. You'll need to sift through a ton of other children's videos with these titles that are NOT the Japanese Produced Anime style from TOEI. Besides the amazing animation techniques of this period it is also the music that sets the film apart from other children's animation features, especially US produced animation. That's basically a search tip for this film which is well worth the effort and most TOEI Anime films will be.

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Extremely Authentic Portrayal of South Bronx NYC Gangs..., 19 July 2005

An intimate look at life on the streets for young teens gang members. Black and Latino teenagers of the South Bronx struggle to make it on the streets. This is Pre Hip - Hop, Pre Rap, and before Break Dancing took over the youth culture of the Bronx. It is right before the advent of Graffiti writers/bombers and Break Dance Crews that took off and became the new black culture a few years later. The film takes place in the summer of 1979. Shockingly realistic interviews with gang members of the infamous Savage Nomads and the savage skulls. Amazingly this authentic documentary does not contain any of the normal pitfalls that befuddle today's more exploitive investigative reports on gangs of the " 60mins." type. Filmmaker Gary Weis of SNL and "Ruddles" fame manages to let the kids speak for themselves. Most of the footage are real interviews. A few scenes are reannactments of stories as told by some of the younger street kids. A rare glimpse into late 70's New York towards the end of the infamous South Bronx Gangs. Anyone who is a fan of "The Warriors" would appreciate this film. The documentary shows many sides of the mainly Puerto Rican / Lation community of the South Bronx including. reformed gang members, current gang members, the police, and the community leaders who try and reach out to them. A film like this is simply unable to be made today !

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Lee Harvey Oswalds' Favorite TV Program, 20 December 2004

"I Led 3 Lives" Was Lee Harvey Oswald's favorite TV show when he is young boy Living in Forth Worth, Texas. This was confirmed by his older brother during his interview on "Frontline" Lee was immersed in the series during the 1952 Season. After his older brother left to the Marine Corps. Lee was intrigued by the idea of a man creating a new and separate identity. The early Black and White Espionage Television show was based on the true-life exploits of Herbert Philbrick, an FBI agent who worked undercover as a communist sympathizer infiltrating communist cells and suspected subversive groups. His love for the show was also noted in the Warren Commission Report.

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"Cosmo....Your a Prince!", 4 June 2003

The short but perfect opening scene says it all. An often used but incredibly well delivered story. Traditional characters brought to life in an unique way. This is really an AMERICAN Story. Would love to see how Scorcese would handle this same script.

Genuine Hard Boiled Action ! - Trivia Notes!, 2 June 2003

Costance Towers packs a punch for her second starring role in a

Sam Fuller Flick. - Bad Girl Bald Prostitute ends up in a

"Pleasantville" Type Town ** TRIVIA NOTE: Check out the Movie

Theatre Marquee in the town as "Kelly" arrives off the bus. The film on the Marquee is none other than Sam Fuller's "SHOCK

CORRIDOR" - Straight out hard nose story telling. DON'T MISS

The Hot Cameo by : EDY WILLIAMS - as " Hatrack - Bon Bon Girl"

The Future SEXploitation Star of : "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"

"Dr Minx" - "Chained Heat" Sam Fuller is at his best when he is in

full control. -

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Slapstick Stupidity at its worst, 16 May 2003

This is the perfect film to watch in order to understand why European films ( french excluded) are so far superior to American films of the same era and genre. As time passes the film does not become more charming. A random episode of Benny Hill has the same level of humor with even more poignant physical comedy. This film should only be viewed in only one respect. That is - if you are taking a class at NYU Film school ON HOW TO miss use Urusla Andress in a film.

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Great Performance by Ewa Aulin, 19 September 2002

Great example of Spanish Exploitation Horror flicks that deserve another look at. There are many unkown Spanish horror films that are far better than UK or US films from the same lower budget genre. - This one stars some Italian actresses including Ewa Aulin (candy) and the lesser know but extremely impressive Lucia Bose. - Blood dripping goth horror here. Aulin plays a willing disciple to the newly spawned vampire. Although I have only seen the American video release at 84mins.

Hot Ice (1977)
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Not the best A.C. & Ed Wood Collaboration, 19 September 2002

Released on niteflite video - Rated R. These super hip ultra 70's sex romps are often very entertaining. This one sports a great cast of 70's babes but, falls short of other better efforts by the duo.

See Pleasure Unlimited. Still way worth checking out.

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