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Movies that I (as a guy) liked, which involve romance, love, and/or sex. Many are not "romance" movies, but contained an aspect named above that I liked about it.

And except for maybe a few, there are NO CHICK FLICKS.

No order, but I will try to group the ones I really liked in the first fifty or so. List will be continuously updated.
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(with the exception of the first)

This is a work in progress which I plan to update/refine over time. I'm more interested in grouping similar ones (holiday, backwoods, camp, high school, college, etc.), so I wouldn't put much weight on the movies' numerical rank.

It should be noted I'm only including the first in any given series (I may decide to indicate sequels in the description), unless the original came from an earlier decade (e.g. Psycho II).

If you notice something I've missed let me know and I'll add it. Thanks and hope you enjoy!
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Notable films that combine hardcore sex with violence/horror.

These are the more famous ones I've heard about. I've only seen a couple so far (I have to be in the right mood for this kind of thing), but as I watch them I will rank them accordingly as to which were my favorites and/or which I thought were the best.

If there's a good one I've missed, let me know and I'll add it!
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(aka Italian Crime Exploitation)

This list is for my personal reference, but I thought I'd go ahead and make it public for anyone who might be interested.

I'm planning to list and watch as many movies in this genre as possible, and then rank them accordingly.