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Pontiac Moon (1994)
Ted Danson must have loved making this movie...
10 November 2006
Dan Dansen plays the Jr high eccentric teacher with a spirit for science you will always remember. Mary S. reclusive & homebound cannot leave her home until Dan & his son secretly set out on a cross country trip to 'spiars of the moon' driving in a 1960 Pontiac. Mary S. chasing after Dan in a amphibious car. The trip for both takes the audience along for more fun & adventure & laughs to the 'spiars of the moon' (a meteor crater). I highly recommend this movie to anyone waiting to take this kind of inspiring ride with Dan & Mary.

Along the way Dan loses his wallet, stranded in the desert at night, & is being chased by the Police. Dan's son who keeps a pet snake for the whole trip becomes quite useful in a bar.

The film seems so realistic & possible which added to all the Fun. ENJOY.
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Valley Girl (1983)
A timeless 80 movie, one of my all time favorites.
10 November 2006
Valley Girl takes the viewed through a time warp of how the 80s were in California. Most of the music in the movie is repeated & should be. What a historic trip down sunset to see what it looked like ,passing the famous Manns China theater where the stars planted their hands in the cement.

Nicolas Cage was charming & Debra(his girlfriend) was so Groovy. I can't believe we talked that way in the 80s.

The sound track for the movie is a real treasure especially Modern English & the song 'don't let it get me'. Josie, a Texas band, made the trip to play at the Valley Prom. That's a real delight to see her play.

Above all watch the movie again with the directors comments on. Quite a surprise this movie made that much money & became a huge Hit. on the slimmest of a budget.

Also plays in full screen,the DVD is double sided, which is better. ENJOY....
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