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The born of a Spanish myth
31 January 2009
Lola Flores was one of the most famous flamenco dancer and copla singer in the world. In Spain used to call her "La Faraona" and perhaps with Rocio Jurado and Concha Piquer was the best in her genre. She died in 1995 and perhaps could be this date the end of the film.

This film show us the first year of Lola Flores until the born of Lolita Flores, her first daughter. This bring a period of time between 1931 to 1958. It's also her period of several romance like Manolo el Caracol or her husband "El Pescailla".

This topic about love and jealousy is what the film is all about. A big mistake, cause she does a very good performance that could be show in the film.
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Good slight movie!
11 August 2008
Maybe ¿Y decirte una estupidez? por ejemplo te quiero is not a masterpiece, but it's a good product of entertainment. The plot is about a boy who remember his first High School love and the memories of those days. It includes topic like the discover of sex, the battle boys vs girls and of course the exams. Also this film included some of the most famous young Spanish actors like Alejo Sauras, Blanca Jara or Tito Augusto.

But this film goes beyond than other ones like American Pie, because it's also romantic and perhaps Mellon collie.

My mark is a six or six point eight.
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Los hombres de Paco (2005–2010)
This Show Rocks!
4 August 2006
"Los hombres DE Paco" has the elements to be a success.

1.Great Comedy screens featuring Unpolitically correct things. 2.Good actors and actress like Neus Asensi,Paco Tous,Pepón Nieto or Juán Diego. 3.Brand new people like Lucas and Michelle Jener.They're pretty and talented. 4.Topics about ordinary life. 5.Good Soundtrack by Spanish band "Pignoise".

"Los hombres DE Paco" began with low levels of share because the timetable (Sundays at night) but people rediscovered it when Antena 3 change to Wednesday nights. Now is a very famous show and it seems to be continue for a long period of time, something that is good for Spanish TV against other shows like "Los Serrano" or the awful new project by Ana Obregón.
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Els Joglars in their worst Piece.
13 August 2004
¡Buen viaje, excelencia! (2003) is a Satiric project of film by one of the best Dramatic Group in Spain: Els Joglars.

This group born in the sixties but their Theater screen became to be famous in the late seventies.The Director of the company is Albert Boadella who is a very original Screenwriter/Director

The problem is that this film has not that kind of Quality.¡Buen viaje, excelencia! (2003)falls in the easy joke and most of the gags are not funny.

If you want see the Els Juglars,Go to the Theater to see them,but not in the cinema Because it is not their ground.
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Smart and Original
13 August 2004
When I saw the "Suicide Virgins" I Marked the talent of Sofia Coppola Behind the Cameras But In "Lost In Translation" I Could Re-marked it.

Ok it's not the best film of history,but it is proud to be on 250 top Films. It's in its right Place.

This kind of stories could have left you a good or bad sensation.For somebody it is too smart and for another person is as bad as a Summer Film.

The best of the Film are The Main Couple and Sofia Coppola. The Soundtrack sounds very "indie" and The Japanese roles are good too.

The Worse of the film is perhaps some points of the Screen that could be better but they are not very important.
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Amélie (2001)
Just the way of French films could make this lovely Film
13 August 2004
Amelie is a strange Film, This kind of Piece is like a Shooting Star. It's Soft,Sweet and Sour.

The best of the Amelie is the direction and photography.It present us an uthopic Paris, the Paris of the Old Time and its People. The Shop Assistants, the Coffee Costumers and Of Course Audrey Tatou in her best role, Simply Magic.

Other point of Amelie is the very minimalist cheat in the screen.It shows a different way to make Films, another way to do Pure Art.

The Last but not less Important is the Soundtrack By Yann Tiersen (His music could be listened on Another European Great Film "Goodbye Lenin")It sounds so old and so New.
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Matrix Revolutions: The Dead of Matrix World.
7 November 2003
Some people hopes four years to watch this film so it's a Hard subject to the screenwriter and directors.The question is

How could be good something witch is hope for a long time? And for that is the reason that some people dislikes the third film.

In my opinion revolutions offers what you want,an end and a good story (absolutely better than Matrix Reloaded)But if you remember Matrix I you could think that revolutions is one of the worse films in the new cinema,in fact,Can we compare with a Masterpiece? Matrix I is very original and it marks the beginning of a new FX era and perhaps,the reborn of action-sci-fi films.

The actors are good and it missed the original oracle,Music is correct and Mr Smith could be one of the best Villains of these times.

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Love Letters (1999 TV Movie)
Romantic story about time and Love
12 September 2003
I watch this film late at night and I discover a good television film by Stanley Donen (The director of the great Singing in the rain)

It tell us a romantic story about a man and a woman who are very friends but they follow different ways,so they use letters to communicate both.

sometimes Movies make for television show us bad quality productions,but this little film teaches us that there are good lost films in the video or television.

Love Letters:Delicious Film
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Rocky V (1990)
Rocky at the bottom of the series
10 September 2003
After a good film series arrives a bad film and this is happen with Rocky V.This film has not as quality as the others and becoming bored.

But What happen with Rocky V?

There is not good ideas for the plot and the "villain" is worse than the other ones,A younger boxer Tommy Gunn,is not like the legendary Apollo Creed,The good Clubber Lang and the Correct Ivan Drago.

The film shows Rocky in his last Days like a Boxer,Rocky fans want to see him in a good fight,not like a street fighter.

I hope that if there will be Rocky VI,please do it better than Fifth one.
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Rocky IV (1985)
The series begins to fall down
10 September 2003
The fourth part of Rocky is a little bored but not impossible to watch for these Reasons

1 The plot begins to be bad. 2 Ivan Drago Has not the fame and the good role like the other "Villains". 3 The death of Apollo is too forced,could be another reason for fight with Ivan. 4 Where is the theme of Rocky?

Rocky IV is better than fifth part but it is worse than the other films.
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