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A great piece of work, 15 October 2006

There hasn't been a movie like this before and many will build their disapproval of the film around this fact. How can it be anything but controversial when it concerns a speculation about a future crime - and the crime concerns the person who is likely to be one of most controversial US presidents this century.

But given the administration and its leader have been quite overt in courting controversy and have often appeared to care little for opinion outside their electoral and other power bases in the USA it can count for little that suddenly some creative team somewhere outside the USA provokes discomfort in the heartland of that political grouping.

This film can be regarded as both as a straight ahead thriller but also as a device to explore your own attitudes and those of others to certain key political issues. Its rather like the BBC1 TV series 'Spooks' which uses some very current-affairs-rich plot lines with potential to alarm some sensitive groupings and manages to craft mass entertainment with the power to stimulate and provoke. If stakeholders in a publicly funded TV channel have the maturity to cope with Spooks, I don't see why this attitude shouldn't be adopted more widely in the free world.