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"Friday the 13th Part VI: The Series Goes to Hell", 18 September 2002

Well Jason didn't go to Hell until 1993. But the "Friday the 13th" series went to Hell in 1986...with this movie. Comic relief (read as "rampant stupidity"), idiotic premise, and lack of an actual plot sink this movie.

Jason is reanimated by completely ludicrous means, kills Horshack from "Welcome Back Kotter," then proceeds to kill one person every five minutes until the closing credits roll. There...I just saved you 87 minutes.

While many saw Part 5 as a major let-down, it was, in my opinion, infinitely better than this cliched piece of slasher tripe. Even if Jason WASN'T the killer in Part 5, the story was better (hell, it HAD a story, so that immediately makes it better), it was made better, and it was just a better film.

I highly recommend this film to people with no attention spans whatsoever. Others, steer clear. I could vomit up a better film than this.

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Eh...not bad., 7 September 2002

I bought this used and only payed $1.99 for it. That said, it's worth that kind of money. It's pretty decent for an extreme-low-budget film, but it could have been much better. To me, Carl Crew wasn't believable as Jeffrey Dahmer. He wasn't the right physical type, nor did he speak with Dahmer's distinctive nasal accent. And frankly, the constant "I should have stayed with God" diatribe becomes annoying after a while.

For a more realistic and subdued look at Dahmer's life, see the new film "Dahmer" with Jeremy Renner. Renner's performance as Jeffrey is so dead-on, it's scary. And while it doesn't get into as many of Jeffrey's killings, everyone should already know the basic story by now.

Bottom Line: If you can see this movie cheap, it's worth a look. But the 2002 movie is far superior, in my opinion.

Dahmer (2002)
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Subtle and chilling, 7 September 2002

Thankfully, this film doesn't attempt to throw Jeffrey Dahmer's entire serial murder spree at you. To do so would be ludicrous, as it spanned 13 years. What it does is focus on his first murder, his last murder, and the one that got away, as well as imparting some information on his personal life and hinting at his motivations. It leaves the rest to the viewer.

This film may seem boring to those with only a passing knowledge of Dahmer's crimes (i.e. what they've read in newspapers and magazines, or seen on television). But to those who are familiar with the whole story, it is fascinating viewing. We don't NEED to see any more than this film shows us in order to get the point. It shows us very specific moments in Dahmer's development as a serial killer...and they're some of the most important moments. It also does a wonderful job of showing the viewer how Jeffrey became increasingly cold as time went by. The prospect of dismembering his first victim was sickening to him...but it was only a matter of time before he was achieving orgasm by calmly slicing open abdomens and placing his hands in his victims' viscera.

The acting in this film is superb. Jeremy Renner is uncanny as Jeffrey Dahmer. He plays the part to the fullest without ever seeming to push it. It's difficult when playing a part like this to keep it low-key and not go over-the-top. Renner's performance as Jeffrey is so nonchalant and believable that it's absolutely chilling. The other actors in the film also put in strong but subtle performances, leading to a high level of believability in their roles.

Bottom line: "Dahmer" is the best serial killer biopic since "The Deliberate Stranger" and certainly one of the year's best indie films to date.

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No...please, God, NO!, 12 August 2002

This is the WORST slasher flick I have EVER seen, in the entirety of my life. And believe me, I've seen my share...and a lot of them were pretty bad. This one, however, makes "He Knows You're Alone" look like "Citizen Kane" by comparison. Okay, so there are maybe two or three interesting kills in this movie, but MOST of the deaths are standard, and in fact STOLEN from previous (better) slasher flicks.

That said, the plot is hackneyed, the acting is sub-par (even for the slasher genre), and the dialogue is so bad at times that it should be an embarrassment to the screenwriter, even sixteen years later. Example: "We'll take my starts every time." No big surprise that the car fails to start. All suspense killed in one fell swoop with foreshadowing that's as subtle as a sledgehammer to the groin. And even when it's not THAT bad, it's still pretty bad.

Plot centers around a practical joke gone terribly wrong...years later, the masterminds behind said joke are called together for the specific purpose of being systematically exterminated by the ungrateful recipient of said joke, who is now (of course) criminally insane. In other words, rent "Terror Train" (1980) instead. It's basically the same story, only it's actually WATCHABLE. The production values are better, the acting is better, the dialogue is better, and the practical joke involved is sicker. And Jamie Lee Curtis is in it (back in her Scream Queen days). So, do yourself a favor and watch that instead. Or don't. Just avoid this mess at all costs. You'll be better off.

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