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So, what is a "modern" director. Well, I'm including directors whose films have become popular from the mid-90s to present, because I feel "modern" means a director whose films were produced during the technological revolution of modern CGI, the internet, and fast editing/shaky cam. The modern style of blockbusters became popular in the mid-90s with Independence Day, Titanic, Jurassic Park and the like, and this has taken control of Hollywood for the most part. That doesn't mean there aren't good directors whose films shine through. The same could be said for modern horror- the PG-13 rating has made many films profitable without taking any chances, and the teen demographic has allowed jump scares to pervade the market. Yet there are still directors who make fantastic films. This list is dedicated to the genre filmmakers out there who should be remembered years from now.

Honorable mentions to Gore Verbinski, Tarsem Singh, Robert Rodriguez, Guy Ritchie, and Zack Snyder for making a few very good films but unfortunately some downright awful ones, too.
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A work in progress. New titles will be added as I see them. This is a personal list, and many movies lots of people enjoyed (Hostel, The Devil's Rejects, Martyrs, etc.) will not be on it. Enjoy! Any recommendations welcome!
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My idea for the direction the next Batman film should go. I think that WB is probably going to try and connect their movies ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe since they have the rights to basically all of DC's characters. This film wouldn't attempt an origin story, but would instead focus on Batman in the middle of his career, and combine elements of the Arkham video games, A Serious House on Serious Earth, The Dark Knight Returns, and The Last Arkham.