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See the film / read the novel / read the historical sources, 18 July 2001

Rarely does a period piece follow so faithfully it's sources. This film brings Marion Meade's novel to life with amazing precision. Based heavily on the letters of Heloise to Abelard after they both took holy orders, the story encapsulates the warring philosophies of the era against the backdrop of the religious fervor of the middle ages.

If you have read the "Letters" of Heloise, you will be drawn into this faithful characterization. If you haven't read them - you'll want to! Beware though - her letters are hot and "smutty". Lanwench's description of this movie as a "bodice ripper" just reveals that s/he's never read the historical sources.

The drawback to this film is that the character of Abelard is drawn mostly from Heloise's point of view without the tempering of his own letters. He comes off quite more romantic than his letters reveal.

The sets and costuming are in period with so few anachronisms that even a medieval scholar can sit back and enjoy the film.

One of my all-time favorites

Gettysburg (1993)
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This movie got me interested in the Civil War!, 11 July 2001

Of course historical films all use a "fudge factor" to keep the audience involved with the characters - but.... I was dragged to this movie kicking and screaming about a 3 hour history lesson. I left crying and deeply moved. We took our next vacation in Gettysburg. I recommend this film most highly. We are on our second VHS set and our 3rd CD soundtrack. See this film!!!