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Unexpectedly great!, 10 January 2007

Saw the trailers whilst watching other movies, read the poor reviews and so it wasn't top of my list. But saw it with my 10yo daughter in a spontaneous decision and thought it was great! I like seeing the reviews here which talk about it increasing interest in kids to see museums - that is Goodness.

I think it's the first Ben Stiller movie I have seen, normally the movies he is in fall outside my interest radar.

I have to say that the "who's evolved?" quote is my favourite, and the scene with Atilla coming to terms with his past was the one I laughed loudest about.

Interesting that the critics are so negative whilst the audience is so positive - perhaps the critics didn't realise they needed to evaluate it as a Fun movie, which is all it is. You can't dig too deep, so don't.

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Highlights of the movie, 2 November 2006

OK, I only got through the first 3 pages of comments but let me add my own.

1) Fantastic cinematography. Some like hand-held, some don't. It certainly worked very well here.

2) Related to (1), very long shots. There is one scene where the camera lens has blood splats on it for quite a few minutes. Hollywood would get rid of it, but for this movie it adds amazingly to the atmosphere that is being created.

3) Like "Code46" the technology is in the background. Just the way it should be, allowing us to focus on the story.

4) Theo as the central character NEVER picks up a gun, despite them being all over the place and easily available. As a viewer you are almost willing him to do so, to manage some of his challenges - but very deliberately the character does not.

5) I've read separately that yes this is a comment on current society. Being an Australian, with our controversial immigration laws and practices, that rings true.

6) Similar to (5), using the term "Homeland Security" in the movie is an obvious reference.

7) The revolutionaries/terrorists/fishes are shown to be just as political and militant as the government they oppose.

There are more, but that is enough. Overall a wonderful movie which leaves me thinking for a long time, which is all I ask.