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Great New Series. Mcbride Shines., 24 February 2009

At 19 Kenny Rogers was the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. With endorsement deals galore and a huge fan base, Kenny was on top of the world until his fastball started to lose it's speed and his off field antics got the best of him.

Now Burnt-out and broke, Kenny is living with his brother in his old hometown. In need of work he takes the gym-teaching job at the local middle school where his high school sweetheart also works. The only person that still believes Kenny can make it back to the majors is Kenny himself, and he will stop at nothing to get back on top.

Danny McBride is simply and utterly hilarious as Kenny Powers. Doing drugs and swearing like a sailor he perfectly portrays a burnt out, full of himself jackass. McBride previously worked with director Jody Hill on his first film, "The Foot Fist Way" and they team up again for this series bringing us another hilarious comedy. Although McBride shines the supporting cast around him is also good. Re-teaming up with McBride and Hill is Ben Best, the writer of "The Foot Fist Way", who plays Kenny's old friend Clegg who takes part in most of Kenny's shenanigans. His brother played by John Hawkes brings some reality to Kenny's fantasy world of playing baseball again and is the perfect counterpart for his out of control sibling. The supporting cast at the middle school where Kenny works is also suburb. Steve Little, Andrew Daly and Katy Mixon all blend together perfectly with the out of control Kenny, the chemistry is pretty great.

All in all "East Bound and Down" is a great new series. Although McBride plays an asshole you can't help but feel for Kenny Powers. It's a hilarious comedy with some underlying tones of realism. I completely recommend you watch this amazing new show.

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The Best Movie of 2008, 18 July 2008

I just saw this movie for the third time in four days. I've just never been this addicted to a movie. Whenever I leave the theater after watching this film an unexplainable feeling comes over me and it's a realization that I've just seen something amazing.

Christopher Nolan's first attempt at a Batman film was great, it revised the series making it darker and giving it a realistic feel it had been lacking in previous attempts.

Nolan just blows this first movie out of the water with his second attempt. This movie is more than just another "Batman Film" it's an amazing piece of cinema. Everyone that worked on this movie was just spot on, from costume design to artwork to lighting every little part of production clicked and made this movie Oscar-worthy.

Nolan's direction is fantastic and the different shots you get to see around the beautiful city of Chicago are breathtaking. It provides the perfect backdrop for an epic battle of Good vs. Evil.

Acting is just amazing. Everyone brought their A game. Christian Bale portrays the tormented but slightly arrogant billionaire who is torn between saving Gotham and his love for Rachel Dawes. Christian Bale is now the only Batman in my eyes. Then we have Heath Ledger who plays the Joker and my god it's the best performance I've seen. Every scene he is in has you on the edge of your seat. Chills run up and down your spine at the sight of his grotesque face. You look into his eyes and you see a madman. Ledger's tour-de-force performance should get him a posthumous award for best actor. The rest of the cast is amazing as well, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman never disappoint. Maggie Gyllenhaal was good as Rachel Dawes and Gary Oldman was fantastic as police commissioner Gorden.

If you could throw everything you would want in a movie into a machine, it would spit out The Dark Knight. Everything in this movie is amazing, and I don't think you can fully understand just how good it is until you get out and see it.

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Amazing Work of Cinema, 14 January 2008

A small town kid working in a big city becomes a huge star and then spirals out of control. It shows you the rise to fame and then fall from fame and back to a little rise. Great cast of actors, and a great director = a great, great movie called Boogie Nights.

P.T Anderson. An amazing director who made Boogie Nights amazing. From the moment the movie starts to the moment it ends you can feel how beautiful this movie is. Some scenes are breathtaking, literally. A great story, a great movie. Mark Whalberg was fantastic, Philip Seymour Hoffman was wonderful as he is in everything. Thomas Jane also was magnificent and although he only had a small part he played it to perfection. There is one scene in this movie I can't get over, "The Drug Deal Gone Bad Scene" it was amazing, music acting and cinematography combined to make it amazing. I hadn't seen Boogie Nights and thank god I did, its so well rounded and I am now a HUGE fan of PTA (Paul Thomas Anderson).

Do whatever you have to do and watch this movie.