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I love Chanticleer!, 11 October 2006

This movie is awesome! People can be so mean. "There was a plot-hole," "This movie was cheesy," "The animation sucked." How can you NOT love a Rooster posing as Elvis? I loved this movie when I was a little girl and I recently rediscovered it hiding in my garage. Now I'm 18 and I decided to watch it w/ my sister who's 6. She adored the movie and I'm proud to say I still do too. Even my 12 year old brother likes it. As far as plot holes. There aren't any, it's a KIDS' movie! I love the songs and find so many of the characters so lovable. I don't see anything wrong with the animation, I love the way Chanticleer and the Duke are drawn. And the pathetic, vocabulary confused, Hutch is so funny. The ending is a little weird, but so what? So back off haters! Rock-A-Doodle is a great, fun movie.