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Surprisingly great story, production quality and acting!!, 3 March 2012

This is the first time I'm reviewing a TV show. I watch lot's of shows, boardwalk empire, game of thrones, Spartacus, 30 rock lol, etc... really all kinds of shows. If it's somewhat of a hit, I watch it.... all kinds and enjoy all kinds of shows from all kinds of different genres.

The Indian Doctor took me by total surprise. I saw the title on a site I visit and googled it. I then went to youtube with the intention of watching a minute or two trailer to get a feel. To make a long story short, I ended up watching the entire first episode and I just finished season 1.

There are only two seasons so far with five episodes each. They are 1 hour episodes (approx. 43 minutes view time per episode). The show is extremely well done, I would put it up there with the best. The production value for their budget is nothing short of incredible. I was worried given the context of the story that the acting would be cheesy or bad, but I was pleasantly surprised. The acting is top notch and the storyline is incredibly engaging. The plot is actually extremely interesting and the character interactions are VERY well done.

I'm in North America and nobody I know (even some serious TV show watchers) have even heard of this show and I'm very proud to be the one to have "discovered" it, but anybody from any background will enjoy this.

I'm surprised it's not spoken of more or has achieved more press, the BBC has inadvertently hit absolute gold and needs to start pushing it more to their international audience.

Abduction (2011/I)
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Never seen a movie with so much potential fail so hard...., 23 November 2011

First of all, this movie had incredible potential. Great actors, great potential story / plot etc. What it lacked was execution. The camera work was b-movie at best, they didn't use their assets and it came out as a mess.

What was the fatal blow? The girl. The teenage actress is actually fantastic, she does a great job... however, there was no reason whatsoever for Lautner to carry her around like luggage. Literally useless.

Had they done better camera work and NOT HAD THE girl tag along with him, this movie would be an easy 8/10 probably a 9. Unfortunately, they really dropped the ball on this one by having her be literally useless and tag along with him.

This was supposed to be Lautners coming out party, but the storytellers thought making it a love story would sell it better to teenage girls. Fact is, Lautner could act, he has talent and the makers really did a bad job handling him.

None-the-less, I still give this movie a generous 5/10.

Goal! III (2009) (V)
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Goal 1 and 2 were great, this one was below terrible, 14 June 2009

First of all, whenever I read reviews and they are either below a 3 or above an 8... I usually ignore them because I figure "exaggeration." Goal 3 unfortunately deserves less than a 1. The production value is nothing like the first two movies. The storyline has nothing to do with the first two movies. Santiago is BARELY in the movie, he plays the third or fourth main character... and the way he's handled... scrappy.

I absolutely loved the first two movies, they were well produced (for what they are) had all the elements to be emotional and entertaining (once again, for what they are) so I was expecting a respectful finish to the trilogy with closure to the issues presented in the first two. Instead, I got a movie that had nothing to do with the first two... and was just overall horrible.

If you're expecting a sequel to the first two movies, don't watch this... it will leave you angry. Roz is not in it, Gavin Harris is not in it, etc.

Finally, I waited three years for this and was barely able to get through it. I'll be shocked if most people don't agree with me on this (who have seen the first two).

Anybody that calls this the "best movie ever" clearly works for the production house that made this movie.