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The best of them all!
27 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Ok, many people may disagree with me, but this is the best "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie ever. But if you look at it closely you will understand that it is. Here are some facts. *****SPOILERS***** First off you have "Leatherface" the chainsaw swinging maniac who makes his masks from human skin. In this movie they show him making a mask of human skin. Did they show that in any of the other TCM's? I think not. In this movie it shows his power and strength and a great scene of him wanting to learn. It also has some painful scenes, ouch!

Second, you have "Alfredo" which in my opinion is the best actor in the movie. He's the town loony who is perverted and is a few quarts shy of a full tank (In the Head if you know what I mean).

Next you have "Tex" the handsome but closet psychopath who you think is a good guy until the middle of the movie when you find out he's part of "Leatherface's family.

Then there's "Tinker" the man with the hook for the hand. To be honest he is a really good actor but he didn't do very much but try to run Ken Foree over with his truck, but he did have some good lines. Like, "Technology is our friend." "I'll be in hell for breakfast." "Well what do you think all these f**king flares are for stupid!" He also played in "Pumkinhead 2: Blood Wings".

Then the other three remaining family members are the little girl, Mama, and Grandpa. Mama is in a wheel chair and has a robotic voice box like "Ned" from "South Park". The little girl has a cool room that looks like a dug up graveyard, and Grandpa...well...he's dead sitting on a chair in the corner and his family still feeds him.

The good guys in this film in my opinion are some of the best actors of the 90's horror films. You have Michelle, Ryan, Benny, and that girl in the woods who has lost it completely.

The first and second TCM's are great but the third is the best. STAY AWAY FROM PART 4! If you see this movie rent it but be sure to rent the Non-Rated version. The rated version is edited badly. I give this movie 5 stars out of 5 stars. Oh and the soundtrack has some of the best metal music. "Leatherface" has his own song about him. And people say Ghostface is all cool and scary. Ghostface has nothing on Leatherface. Check out this movie, you'll be impressed.
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Not half bad, Not half good either.
29 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Now don't get me wrong, I love the Jason movies, I honestly do, but what was up with this one? The one thing I never got was why did the dog jump out the window? I mean you can see plane as day the dog jumped out the window, was not thrown out, but jumped out. But anyway, I gave this movie a 8 out of ten cause it's a Jason movie. Now some of the deaths are cool and some are weak.


A nurse at the hospital is being lifted off the floor slowly by Jason, he stabs her in the stomach with a small knife. Lame and poor death scene.

A guy gets cut to pieces in the basement but it's so dark you can't see a thing. And it's in the background so it's even harder to see.

***********Good Scenes*****************

When Jason get's it in the end.

When Ted gets a knife to the back of the head. (Almost as good as Lucio Fulci's skull-knifing in "House By The Cemetery" but not that graphic.)


But overall this is a good movie. Why they didn't include Ted White (Jason) in the credits is beyond me. But I guess some people just don't want there name in movies. If you are a Jason fan rent this but the best "Friday the 13th" movies to see are part 3,6,7, and 9. Check then all out.
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Bleeders (1997)
Good Movie.
9 September 2001
This is a great A-PIX film to watch. Rutger Hauer plays an excellent role as the doctor. This movie is kind of like "The Lurking Fear". Even though the story line isn't all there it is a good movie. So if your in the mood for a good B-movie, rent this movie. 8 out of 10.
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Better than Blair Witch!
4 September 2001
I thought the "Blair Witch Project" sucked. The "St. Francisville Experiment" was more interesting and scarier to me. The movie glued my eyes to the television. In my opinion it has better acting and storyline than the "Blair Witch Project". Stay away from Blair Witch! Rent "St. Francisville Experiment"!
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A few funny music videos that are enjoyable to watch.
1 September 2001
I never knew who Ray Stevens was until on day my friend brought this video over to my house. We watched it and it was funny and some of his music was enjoyable. To be honest it's mainly church music but some of the things Stevens does makes you keep watching this video. If you like goofy things like squirrels running in churchs, sailors singing a remake to "Surfin U.S.A", even to a guy who runs around naked scaring people then you got to see this.
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Hold the phone!!!
17 July 2001
Alright, now where should I start on this one. Ok well to start of this movie blew. I rented this movie with a friend on a rainy day. When we watched it we turned off the movie six times wanting to return it but everytime decided to turn it back on. All it consists of is dancing, drunk rednecks, and a werewolf that pops up ever 30 minutes in the film. This has to be the worst movie ever. The only thing cool about this movie is that all the people in this movie go by there real name, and the town they were in is a real town in real life. If you see this movie I would say pass unless you like really bad werewolf movies.
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Poltergeist (1982)
Great Film
17 July 2001
This has to be the best ghost movie ever made. The only other ghost movie that comes close is "Ghost House". Tobe Hooper ripped this movie off as a director cause he didn't direct it. Spielburg started directing it from the beginning and then later on in the film quit and Hooper took over. Now Tobe Hooper is not a bad director, he has directed some of the best horror movies ever. Like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Mangler". But yes this is a great creepy movie, a must see!
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Bad Moon (1996)
Good Movie.
14 July 2001
This has to be the best werewolf movie since "Silver Bullet". It starts out with a bad a** beginning, after that the story and action kicks in. Now the whole movie isn't filled with non stop action but has some pretty intense scenes of violence. If you want a good werewolf movie rent this. 9 out of 10.
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An ancient evil is back and in action!
9 July 2001
Rumpelstiltskin is a movie for a party full of drunk people. This movie is filled with death, comedy, and action. If you want a movie that will make you laugh and squirm, rent this. Sign me up for a 9 out of ten.
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Grim (1995)
This is no fairy tale! It's something else...
9 July 2001
This movie is something else let me tell yeah. A long time ago when I saw it at the movie store I decided to rent it and give it a chance, boy did I get a surprise. Basically to be honest this movie is not on my top ten of favorites if you know what I mean. It has bad acting, a screwed up story line, and mainly pointless scenes of nonesense. Like scenes of constant walking, or of people just talking on and on. Even the opening credits are lame. Basically the opening credits look like a screen saver to windows 95. There are only two reasons why I liked this movie. First, it had to do with terror that took place underground, and second low budget movie makers I respect because they at least try and make a good movie. Paul Matthews nice job but next time try a little harder. If you want a movie with a big troll walking around killing people this is your movie. I give this movie a 5 out of ten.
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