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Poor, 29 December 2002

Well,I turned on TV last night at 00.35,thrilled by the strange title of what I thought it would've been an interesting weird essai movie.Instead,tons of photograms from unknown movies,commercials cut up from magazines and the author's annoying voice-over explaining the falseness of French!!!with no subtitles!!!Anyway,buy the book,don't watch the movie!

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Yuchh!, 5 August 2002

Disgusting,just disgusting.By the way,who was the Chinese actor?How did it end?With Marija and the hippie headguy living together?I think it was quite moving in a way,because of the sad stories of the homeless Russians,but many scenes were really disgusting(like the one where the guy eats the dead rat,not mentioning the other hideous ones).

Out 1 (1971)
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What's this film about?!, 16 July 2001

What a crazy film!It lasts 12(!) hours and you don't understand who these people are and what are they doing!The main plot is about a bunch of clueless actors trying to bring on scene "Prometheus",but there are lots of sub-plots,like the disappearing of Thomas and a crazy guy looking for Monsieur Warok....what's the meaning of all this???