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Here the list of Killer Animals/insects movies (still working on the list)
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10 Ten are in order, the rest are not
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A list of Foreign movies to see
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Here are list of zombies movies I have not seen, I will be having Zombie week! As I am thinking of doing 50 Days of Halloween. 30 days of Halloween it's too easy.

Each week would be theme!
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A list of found footage movies,
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Here are list of sequels that I enjoyed watching, there are other that are listed which are not great movie but better then the first!
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Well there they all are! my 10 ten horror movies from each year since 2000.

I did find it really hard for 2001 and 2011 top 10
but easy to make list fo 2003 and 2013 top 10

After 2003 years after year with some great horror movies but after 2010, I found 2011 and 12 to really hard,