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Not sure, 15 November 2015

I really don't what to make of this movie.

We do get to see a lot more of werewolf, which I think looked really silly and when do werewolf think?

That whole vampire thing , what heck what blues things , it looked so bad and body Burming in the sun, was one of the worst scenes in the who, e series

The acting in this movie as really bad again , also ad bad the fourth movie They had a good idea but they did not do what should have done. 3 out of 10

Won't be watching seven

Worth watching, 14 November 2015

I actually think this sequel is a improvement from the last two Movies in the series .

This movie is actually a lot different compared to the others and it's again a stand alone movie that its own story

There was not much werewolf acation until about hour into the movie , the last half hour of the movie.

The most of the movie is about this girl who writer , who seeing ghost and things now and again thought the movie ,, she either seeing things that have happened in the past in cabin., which makes thinks she going crazy , seeing thing that not really there.

so the movie still had odd things happen until so- what action packed last 30 mins of the movie, ,

when we do see the first werewolf scene , I was torn as I thought , that was a bit out of the blue but I was gutted that we did not get to see the transformation part .

I loved that melting scene , I thought that was amazing, those effect we're perfect for that scene

The acting from cast was really good , much better then the wooden actor in the last sequel

Im going to give this 4,8 , I just rounded of to 5 out of 10 ,

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Really odd but not in good way, 30 October 2015

The house October built 2015

Not sure want to make of this , I thought it had a decent plot at first

There some good haunted house scenes but when the really scary stuff happens to them

Well it was not scary or it was just really odd and not in a good way .

Most of time I was thinking it all a big hoax but it's wax not , I wish it Was.

I don't understand why those peolpe were doing what they were doing

I felt like I missed a part of a movie.

Acting was just annoying

3 out of 10

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One of worst ending to a series ever, 30 October 2015

Was a big fan of first movie and I loved third movie Which is my fav of the series.

When I saw the trailer for this movie , I actually thought it looked really good and it reminded me bit of the third

I thought it would be like third movie better then the 4th one I don't count mark one as a part of the series.

I thought it started of really well , there was funny moments added into the movie

I did like it when we saw Toby as a black mass at first but the more We saw of Toby , the less scary he was and the movie turned Into a comedy

I Cound not stop laughing near the end , the trapping sheet wax so baldly done

I am huge fan of 3D, there saw OK 3d scenes, I think it was the first 3d movie that I never liked.

Should not shown Toby at all, it not what series is about at all.

Howl (2015/I)
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average horror movie, 30 October 2015

Howl 2015 (thought I posted this today)

I have been really looking forward to this movie , As it a long over due good werewolf movie ,

And after seeing this , I am still waiting for a good one

I thought the m9vie started of really well and I liked that we saw parts of the creature at first At this point this may be a good m9vie after all.

But as the movies goes and the more you see the creatures , I didn't really like the way they looked

I didn't find the acting that good from most of cast were very wooden.

There were gory moments But nothing that Really stood out

5 out 10

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Much better, 20 October 2015

Much better then I thought it would be.

I had this on my zombie watch list for while, as it was on netfilx

I gave it go, I was going watch a few week ago but the movie had a long running time

It started of a lot then I thought It would have.

I actually thought movie was very gory and I really liked the dark Humour added to the movie

Not saying it a comedy but there are some very funny gags

Fun , gory and zombie movie

I going to give this movie 7 out of 10

Thinner (1996)
Not bad at all, 10 October 2015

I have yet to read the book.

I didn't I had seen this movie before but as I got hear the end of the movie.

I did remember that last few scenes fro years back , which I forgot about.

So that already tells you it a forgettable movie

I did like some of the make up effects to make him look k Thinner

The fat make up was to much and found it looked far to fake , it actually looked really bad

The acting in this was really good.

I didn't really liked how the movie ended at all, I don't know if story Ended I the same way.

I found that Really silly way to end it

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Stories are too short, 10 October 2015

I didn't think the last movie was that great but it decent.

I did not think it would have another sequel this quick.

Unlike the last one, which only had 3 stories

There's have a few and I found them far to short to enjoy But I did the Halloween theme to some of them.

The first one was about mum and son, carving a pumpkin But the pumping is evil in w way

More wearied then scary. OK opener but found it too kiddies Which was only about 5 mins max

I don't if got order wrong but the next story I can remember is Trick r treaters

I really liked that but again found to kiddies not scary however it was fun watch

Another story was about to guys going some where to feed something in the woods but we don't see anything

I did not get that one at all.

Another story Was about young kids going to a carnival and kill people in games , this is only really bloody story out the lot and about 3 min long

Next story Was about boy who scared of the monster under the bed , this was longest Stories of the lot, yet I found dull and boring and very predicable

The last one , I had already seen on you tube months ago And man who chatting to his girlfriend online and to get haunted by his ex dead girlfriend.

Which was the only really decent creepy one.

Fun watch, 10 October 2015

I had seven this once before , years ago but I just could not remember much from it , only remember one thing.

This was fun slasher movie, I really enjoyed it

There some nice dark humour added to mix with some one liners

I really liked how the kills played out.

I liked the plot came to end, I really loved turns and twist in the movie You never see it coming at all

A twist that actually worked well.

The acting was decent

7 out of 10

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Well worth the wait, 9 October 2015

If you like Tremours series you love this,

Tremours was the first ever horror movie I saw , when I was five I loved it then and love it now

I found sequels really enjoyable.

So I waited 11 years for sequel and got to say.

It wasn't bad at all , I actually think it was mu ch better then the last sequel.

I liked how they added a few ideas , like the snakes things come out and on there own and detected from the monsters

I found some parts really funny and there were some decent bloody moments

7 out of 10

(My 1000 review )

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