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Thinner (1996)
Not bad at all, 10 October 2015

I have yet to read the book.

I didn't I had seen this movie before but as I got hear the end of the movie.

I did remember that last few scenes fro years back , which I forgot about.

So that already tells you it a forgettable movie

I did like some of the make up effects to make him look k Thinner

The fat make up was to much and found it looked far to fake , it actually looked really bad

The acting in this was really good.

I didn't really liked how the movie ended at all, I don't know if story Ended I the same way.

I found that Really silly way to end it

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Stories are too short, 10 October 2015

I didn't think the last movie was that great but it decent.

I did not think it would have another sequel this quick.

Unlike the last one, which only had 3 stories

There's have a few and I found them far to short to enjoy But I did the Halloween theme to some of them.

The first one was about mum and son, carving a pumpkin But the pumping is evil in w way

More wearied then scary. OK opener but found it too kiddies Which was only about 5 mins max

I don't if got order wrong but the next story I can remember is Trick r treaters

I really liked that but again found to kiddies not scary however it was fun watch

Another story was about to guys going some where to feed something in the woods but we don't see anything

I did not get that one at all.

Another story Was about young kids going to a carnival and kill people in games , this is only really bloody story out the lot and about 3 min long

Next story Was about boy who scared of the monster under the bed , this was longest Stories of the lot, yet I found dull and boring and very predicable

The last one , I had already seen on you tube months ago And man who chatting to his girlfriend online and to get haunted by his ex dead girlfriend.

Which was the only really decent creepy one.

Fun watch, 10 October 2015

I had seven this once before , years ago but I just could not remember much from it , only remember one thing.

This was fun slasher movie, I really enjoyed it

There some nice dark humour added to mix with some one liners

I really liked how the kills played out.

I liked the plot came to end, I really loved turns and twist in the movie You never see it coming at all

A twist that actually worked well.

The acting was decent

7 out of 10

Well worth the wait, 9 October 2015

If you like Tremours series you love this,

Tremours was the first ever horror movie I saw , when I was five I loved it then and love it now

I found sequels really enjoyable.

So I waited 11 years for sequel and got to say.

It wasn't bad at all , I actually think it was mu ch better then the last sequel.

I liked how they added a few ideas , like the snakes things come out and on there own and detected from the monsters

I found some parts really funny and there were some decent bloody moments

7 out of 10

(My 1000 review )

The Shaft (2001)
A movie of two halves, 2 September 2015

This also known as shaft 2001 this is a remake of the the de lift movie

For this movie to half's, I liked the fact did lost stuff very different then the original

And I liked how they kept some of original scenes

I liked the first half of the movie was really fun to watch, I liked opening scenes a lot better then de lift from 1983

And really when the lift kill people,

I thought that scenes were lift floor open and people fall,

I thought that was great scenes But they had to go ruin it by the whole terrorist thing, I think

That was really bad idea to add that into this story But I did enjoy the scenes, m when the lift came to end

I think this movie was a bit more fun so I going to give it 6 out 10

The Lift (1983)
average horror movie, 1 September 2015

I was not sure what to expect of this movie

As I know it must of be well liked as there was remake of this movie , which will also give a go later on

I did on't like how the lift turned evil, it was bit bland ( for nower days compared to it was in the 80s

I did feel the movie felt outdated in some places.

What I liked about the movie , there were some very gory deaths in thus movie

Fun for the gore fans but I thought would have had a bit more tense scenes

I didn't really like how the story came to end or the m9vie And the last death far to funny to take serous

I am going f to give 5 out of 10

has its moments, 29 August 2015

When I saw cover for this movie, I thought was going To be having a zombie santa on are hands , I thought cover Was a bit misleading

This was not best indie , I have not seen many indie recently , it been while since if seen one

For me , I found this movie to been really funny at times,

Maybe I am easily pleased with humour, mi don't but I did laugh a numeet of times thought the movie

There were so e silly jokes that do not work at all but that grouped Worked really well together.

I did enjoy some of gory zombie deaths not bad for low bugget indie m9vie

The acting is was good for this kind of movie.

5 our of 10

Zombie (1979)
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Creepy scary and gory zombie movie, 27 August 2015

I have seen this movie a few times but this was the first on DVD , which I got for just 75p , I could not say no to that.

I watched this early today and I was clued to screen , the movie Flowed really well

I actually like the zombie wax actually kind of scary looking in thus movie

The make up effects in this was outstanding and really like how they cone back from the dead very slowly

I found scene very tense.

There were great gory moments in this movie and one scene you never get And now known for one of the best horror deaths of all time

That deaths scene will make you turn you away from scene and hide behind your hands

The acting in this movie was great and the ending of the movie was The icing on the cake

Really good, 27 August 2015

I saw this earlier in the week, I never really heard of the movie Before the pass weekend

So I gave it Watch and I did not expect much of here I thought Was cash in on zombie series

I liked the fact the movie disn't take long to get going And movie was really fast pace as you never get bored

I was really surprised how gory this movie was , which I did not Expect at all , loved those scenes

The were a few things that bugged me, it was that some scence it felt like they took forever to react to the situation, I just found really annoying.

So annoying that I actually shouted at them to hurry the beep up

I thought acting was really good for the movir

7 out of 10

average Slashers movie, 23 August 2015

Terror train 1980

It start of number of teens getting drunk and having party on new years eve but Then a prank goes wrong

I thought prank seen looked a little out dated now ( I wish we saw mire if it )!

A fews years have gone by and these same kid's go party train

There is a lot of party and talking but I didn't find it had much horror

The kiss were far to apart in the movie but we do get see magic person

Sone of characters were very moody , for most of the movie

There some bloody moments in this movie, will some kills , don't really Get to see Them killed but we did see the after math of Death

Even they tired to twist and turn but didn't work me as I knew who the killer was from the middle Lol

5 out of 10

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