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Silly but harmless, 16 July 2001

Simple-minded sex farce aims for sly smiles. On that level, it is amiable enough. All the actors seem to be having a genial enough time. There's not much else to tell -- just silly suburban hijinks, but nothing I found particularly offensive, or particularly interesting. But it was on a local UHF station while I worked out at a hotel gym, and for that it filled the bill nicely.

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Uneven, 16 July 2001

Rip Torn's characterization is monumental. The great actor has never been better. Tantoo Cardinal is a perfect fit for him and when they are on camera together, this looks like a sure-fire classic. Then, Michael J. Fox shows up as evil personified, and throws every cliche in the book into a confused performance. The score is fine. But not good enough to save this turkey.

Fury (1936)
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Electrifying, 13 July 2001

Tracy is fantastic as salt-of-the-earth whose soul is incinerated by fiery destruction of lynch mob. In the wake of the kidnaping of the Lindbergh baby, this was an especially emotional topic in 1936. Tracy's performance is riveting and even more-worthy of the Oscar than his Oscar winning performance that year in Captains Courageous.

Sylvia Sydney is excellent as Tracy's love interest, and Frank Albertson is superb as his hard-edged brother. Edward Ellis (title star of the Thin Man) does a good turn as the reasonable Sheriff. And Walter Brennan does an excellent job as a deputy. There are also two contrastingly poignant scenes in bars. Overall, score a home run for Fritz Lang in his first US film.

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well-acted mind candy, 13 July 2001

The light and dark, happy and sad, are well-characterized in this well-acted made-for-TV soaper. It's nothing you haven't seen before, but it's done more artfully than most. David Ogden Stiers is memorable in his role. Crystal & Bradbury are poignant as a couple who do everything together except communicate.

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Extraordinary TV movie is powerful in its understatement., 13 July 2001

Like its hero, Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce, this movie uses understatement to incredible effect. Ned Romero is brilliant as Chief Joseph, under who attempted to take his tribe to Canada. James Whitmore is marvelous as the Army officer, with an unusually progressive outlook, but powerless to assist Chief Joseph.

The photography is exceptional, and the score is hauntingly beautiful. See it if you can.

Harper (1966)
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Top-notch detective yarn, 7 July 2001

Paul Newman makes an ideal Lew Harper (Lew Archer in Mcdonald's novels). And, he is in top form. The supporting cast is amazing. This includes Julie Harris, Lauren Bacall, Pamela Tiffin, Strother Martin, Arthur Hill, Robert Webber, Janet Leigh, and Shelley Winters. Leigh , in particular, makes a bit role one of the film's most memorable moments. The mystery has plenty of good plot twists and Smight direction is tight. All in all, a terrific picture.

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Lots of fun and great music, 7 July 2001

"Windy City" is my favorite song and Calamity Jane is my favorite Doris Day film. It's Gordon MacRae's first pairing with young Day and it is electric and was to be repeated many times. Fans of WKRP in Cincinnati may delight in seeing Mrs. Carlson, Allyn Ann McLerie as a young woman. Overall, a delightful piece of musical fluff.

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turgid melodrama has its moments, 7 July 2001

Overall, this is nothing special. The tennis scenes are very well directed. The mother-daughter-scenes are keepers. And the dialogue contains some great double entendres. But, the love story has no chemistry and demands no personal involvement. It is a "B" melodrama, not much more, nothing less.

Relentless (1948)
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Robert Young versus Barton MacLane, 7 July 2001

Although Marguerite Chapman does fine yeoman work in her obligatory generic love interest role, the show is the pursuit of Young after horse thief MacLane. And, it is a fast-paced, cat-and-mouse entertaining game in which protagonist and antagonist take turns revealing their thoughts and feelings in a most involving way. This is certainly not a classic "B" western, but it is entertaining from beginning to end and very fast paced.

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Innocuous fun, 7 July 2001

If you have an hour and a half to kill and enjoy Jane Powell's singing and Walter Pidgeon's dashing good looks, this beats the heck out of watching this week's third installment of Dateline NBC. Seriously, the music is very good, the comedy is fast, and the sweetness is easy to take. Totally forgettable fluff, but an enjoyable way to pass time.

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