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It's like fine wine, it gets better with age, 14 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

About eight years ago, I watched Josie and the Pussycats on DVD, and gees I thought it was so bad, it deserved a two out of ten. I watched the movie last week on FMC, and I finally got it.

The synopsis of the movie, a boy group called Du Jour dies in a plane crash. Alan Cumming's character Wyatt Flemming is sent to a small town to find the next band, where he stumbles across Josie and the Pussy Cats. On the surface the Josie and the Pussy Cats are selling CD's. But, Josie and the Pussycats don't realize that there music label has loaded their songs with subliminal messages; which is used to sell a lifestyle.

When I watched the movie last week, I totally got it, as the movie parodied the boy/girl bands of the 1990s. We should not forget that the sound of the groups are (heavily) processed. Everything from the dance moves to facial movements are well choreographed. Also, these bands were in the business of selling the latest fads. Groups such as N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls were selling an assortment of items such i.e. soft drinks. It is amazing that the movie managed to pick up on the little things that sells a manufactured pop group.

My favorite scene of of the movie, when Wyatt Flemming stopped his mini van at the traffic lights, then Josie and the Pussycats walked in front of his car; then they paused. Then Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light cued. Whilst the song was playing, Wyatt removes a CD from its cover: then he frames the girls inside of the cover. Behind Josie and the Pussycats, a sign stated, "World's number 1 Band". Wyatt looks towards the camera mounted on the passenger side and he smiles.

All those years ago, I did not realized what I missed on. But lucky for me I caught the movie last week, and I enjoyed it. It parodied the manufactured pop groups of the 1990's. For those people who did not get the film, I would recommend that you watch it in another couple of years, and you may have another perspective on the movie.

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Though provoking, 25 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The synopsis of the movie, after the Third World War, the government of Libria instituted a series of laws and regulations to stop, "sense offenders". Christian Bale's character Grammaton Cleric Preston, is responsible for enforcing the laws of Libria; and this is done by distributing a mind control drug, suppressing emotions, and destroying personal effects. Nevertheless, Grammaton Cleric Preston, has an epiphany and he realizes that the he can no longer enforce the draconian laws of Libria. After siding with the resistance, Preston decides to eliminate Libria's grand figure called, "Father". To cut the story short, Preston helps the Resistance to take down the draconian government of Libria.

On the surface, Equilibrium may seem to to be a far stretch, but there are many authoritative regimes throughout the world, who will do anything to maintain control. What I like about this movie, it gives me a sense of what it is like to live in a country such as North Korea or Singapore. Meanwhile in western countries, there is a crack down on terrorists and sex offenders. The reality is, many governments throughout the world will use the power of nightmares to control their citizens.

If you liked Equilibrium, you should check out Fahrenheit 451.

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The theme got to me mama, 26 May 2008

There are two things that go through my mind when I watch My Gym Partner's a Monkey: 1) It is a cartoon 2) Comedy. I suspect if I were living in some bizzaro cartoon universe, anything is possible i.e. my jaw dropping to the ground, and my tongue dragging on the floor.

Back to the cartoon itself. As Jake's last name is Lion; subsequently he is shifted from a human school to an animal school. Basically Charles Darwin School is used to educate young animals. Again, this scenario could be possible in a cartoon universe. Jake Spider-Monkey and Adam Lion are best friends, and they get up to all sorts of stuff. One of my favorite episodes is, when the animals from Charles Darwin School, stayed at Adam's house for the night.

For a cartoon that has been produced on the cheap, I like it, because it is funny. If you want realism, well go and watch Nat Geo, or Discovery. It is a cartoon, Jake Spider-Monkey and Adam Lion can do anything they want, ranging from a talking Spider-Monkey, to being transferred to an animal school.

Nevertheless, my Gym Partner's a Monkey, could be a metaphor for school. Looking back at my youth, there is one place that could come close to a zoo, and that is high school, as the kids are out of control, and all the students are tearing each other to bits.

I have to give the my Gym Partner's a Monkey 8/10. That theme song is going to haunt me, until the day I die.

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Good then, great now., 24 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember watching Golden Girls when I was a teenager, and the Golden Girls was cool. But I love watching The Golden Girls in re-runs. The Golden Girls has it all, great actors and brilliant writers. Another reason why I absolutely love this show, because four elderly ladies managed to pull of a hit show; despite the fact that the 1980s was so obsessed with youth and the latest fads. The reason why I stated that The Golden Girls was good then and great now, because the show was enjoyable as teenager, but now the show comes across as genuine, and it is so deep and meaningful. We should not forget that The Golden Girls was originally shown on network TV, yet they talked about issues such as suicide and homosexuality. I still remember the episode with Dorthy's lesbian friend had fallen in love with Rose. Not to many shows out there that can place a hilarious spin on a precarious situation. I forgotten to mention, Dorothy, Sophia, Blanch and Rose were all so so enjoyable. Sure that the Golden Girls finished way back in 1992, but for some reason this show will continue to live on through the ages. Who knows in another two hundred years, aliens could be attracted to Earth because of the Golden Girls.

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It's Sex in the Suburbs, or is it?, 20 September 2007

Unfortunately in the land of Oz, it can take us ages before we see the latest hit television shows from the US; and before I had seen Desperate Housewives, I thought it may be along the lines of Sex and the City, except it was set in the suburbs. However I was wrong, and Desperate Housewives is 100 times better than Sex and the City. Still I do like watch Sex and the City.

Oh yeah back to Desperate Housewives. From the first episode, you can see that Desperate Housewives was destined to become cult TV. With most television shows, I tend to become quite bored, quite early. Yet through out the years; the script writers of Desperate Housewives have managed to maintain my interest in this fantastic show.

With Desperate Housewives, they try to unmask the mysteries of conservative suburbia. The show examines the issues of relationships, homosexuality, pedophilia; all the things that are not meant to happen on our local streets. Yet the reality is, no place within the western world is shielded from these issues.

The success of DH is also based on the characters of the show; and those fine ladies who are honest to their characters. The way Marcia Gross has managed to capture the essence of Bree Van Der Kamp is absolutely brilliant. The problem with Bree's Conservative facade, her son is gay, and the daughter is the girl of the town, and lets not forget how her former husband had a kinky side.

By the way, it is was a masterstroke, how they casted Terri Hatcher to play the part of Susan Myers. In short, Terri Hatcher was born to play the part of Susan Myers.

Also Gabriella, Susan, and Edie do have a function, as they are meant to appeal to the different aspects of our complex lives. By the way, my brains nearly exploded, when Zack Young was in pursuit of Gabriella.

On the whole, Desperate Housewives is a fantastic show. Again with great script writers, great actors, and great characters, this show will continue through out the ages. Desperate Housewives is not so such much a television show, it's art in motion.

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Great Show, 9 January 2007

OK at first glance Grumpy Old Men does not sound like a promising title for a television show. However Grumpy Old Men is a relatively funny show, with a few home truths. Ten years ago it was possible for me to use a remote control with little to no care, and it would work. Now I am in my thirties, and I need to have a degree in Rocket Science to work my bloody DVD recorder. The older I am getting, the grumpier I feel. Phew if you are in middle thirties, and you notice there is change, but you don't know what you are turning into; then the contributors of Grumpy Old Men can help to answer some of those questions. I am telling you ladies, being a man in his thirties, my mid life crisis isn't about dating super models and driving sport cars. Yes the air has gone out of the tyre, yet that excessive air has managed to make its way to my stomach, and now I am a cynic. I am not a cynic, just my heart is not in it.

Back to the show. I think it is about time, there is a show that deals with a man's perception of the world, especially when it comes to the lousy aging process. If you hit the mid thirties, and you feel that the world has done you wrong, then Grumpy Old Men is for you. Grumpy Old Men certainly deserves a 9 out 10.

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Great Show, 23 June 2006

I totally would disagree with some members of this forum, as Family Guy has managed to carve out its own niche within the comedy genre. Yes The Simpson's is one of the smartest shows on TV: yet Family Guy seems to be different from The Simpsons. I do appreciate Seth MacFarlane's sense of humour. The episode titled Peterotica, was out there, when the Kool Aid guy was speaking with an Afro American accent: I am making an assumption that Afro-Americans have an affinity with Kool Aid. On the surface Family Guy may seem racist, however the best way to break down the barriers is to use comedy.

As it has been widely speculated, The Simpsons is only two seasons away from being axed: meaning that Family Guy and American Dad are slowly being set up as the replacement shows. All I can say, I am looking forward to future episodes.

"Cribs" (2000)
Junk TV?, 25 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MTV Cribs has to be one of the coolest shows on television. Yes it is junk TV, and like junk food, it is highly addictive. As someone who is 30 plus, I should be watching VH1, but Cribs is the only show worth watching on MTV.

The premise of the show, you get to tour the homes of the rich and famous. For those who want to know the eating habits of the god-like celebrities, you even get an inside look into their fridge. WOW!!!.

I really don't know why I love MTV Cribs, it might have to do with the funky camera angles, or the dubbed music. Who cares, it is different and cool, yet it makes you feel a little younger.

By the way, I also recommend MTV boiling points.

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Interesting, 25 November 2005

Well someone who enjoys traveling down the highway at 120kmph, eating McDonalds, and running the air conditioner twenty four seven, and watching Fox News non-stop, I found this documentary interesting. One thing I picked up, when they being they talk about North America, I assume this documentary was Fabrique Au Canadie. For the Canadian bashing I will leave that to Bill O'Reilly.

The consequence of the depletion of oil will affect everyone, especially those who live in big countries of Australia, Canada and the United States. I am sure that Green Peace are cheering no more gas, means no more SUVs, without realizing people who live in the sub zero temperatures could starve to death.

As someone who has studied economics, I know for a fact we are living in a world of finite resources. I will give the documentary props for trying to present a balanced point of view about the depletion of oil. However I am studying a degree in journalism, this documentary is full of loaded messages - Republican as warmongers. What the Democrats didn't send troops to Vietnam?

If you are going to present a documentary about economics and resources, it is best to leave the political bashing to one side, because it could cause a potential audience member to totally shut down. Concentrate on the issue of finite resources. At the end of the day, it is best to open the minds of the mainstream, as it is no good preaching to the minuscule choir.

I really do enjoy watching documentaries such as Fahrenheit 911, and End of Suburbia not for their political bias, because they do remind us the world isn't so safe. Sure I like to shop, and consumer junk food like there is no tomorrow, but if the world is going to end tomorrow I would rather die rich and consume the living beep out of it.

For the potential documentary makers out there, just give the people facts, and let the viewers make up their own minds. If you are trying package your political views as a balanced documentary the people are going to smell a rat a mile away.

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That Girl, 16 November 2005

OK. Lets face it Confessions of a teenage drama queen would have received a critics award, if Lindsay Lohan's character Lola Cep: a) had an abortion b) became a lesbian c) president of the student chapter of the ACLU.

I have to break away from the pseudo intellectuals, and honestly say Confessions of teenage drama queen was a totally mind blowing movie. Lindsay Lohan really got into the character of Lola Cep, as she had all the motions of drama queen. For the critics who were in born in test tube, they wouldn't have experienced the emotional roller coaster of adolescence. Lohan deserves an 8/10.

Another thing I liked about Lola Cep, she was smart, witty and extremely funny. Come on how many teenage movies make a reference to Wuthering Heights and Ghandi?

The character Miss Baggoli played by Carol Kane was absolutely brilliant. It seemed like if it was a real teacher acting in a movie. I even had an Italian American lecturer who had the elements of Miss Baggoli. This would be the first time an actor would deserve a 10/10.

Alison Pill. At first she kind of bugged me, not because of her acting, because she looks like someone. Oh like da she looks like Geena Davis. Alison Pill as Ella was extremely gifted. For a person who was seventeen at the time of production, she had the acting skills of a thirty four year old. 8/10.

One thing I noticed about the other comments (about this movie) you either love or hate it. The great thing about living in a democracy you are entitled to your say. No is wrong or right. However if you are someone who wants a bit of grit and realism, Confessions of a teenage drama queen may not be for you. Judging the movie based on Lohan's performance is really being unfair to the cast and crew who worked hard on this movie.

Just crunched the numbers, this movie deserves an 8.6 out of ten.

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