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The Last Halloween (1991) (TV)
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Miss it!, 6 October 2006

I look for this movie every year, & haven't seen it on in several years. It used to play every Halloween. It is my favorite Halloween movie. I wish they would start playing it again or release it on DVD!!! It is a fantastic family movie, and one that children today are really missing out on. They don't make children's made-for-TV movies like this any more. I'm 23 now & would still love to watch it. The characters were great, the animation was awesome. It's Halloween-y but still has worked in the importance of many of the virtues that TV & movie producers & writers have worked out of television and entertainment. Definitely worth watching! They really need to bring this one back as a classic. Release it on DVD & advertise for us so we know it is would definitely be added to my collection.