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A non sequential list containing some the best....and worst, from these niche genres. Being of no real order, you're sure to discover some absolute gems hidden deep within. (Or simply reorder to your own satisfaction using IMDb "sort by" filtering options). Enjoy the Apocalypse ;)
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I've tried to present only the key films in film series as it gets ridiculous and too messy when listing all the Godzilla etc. Regardless you'll find MANY fun filled monster romps in this list.
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So your interested in Australian produced films but don't know where to start?
Or perhaps your a seasoned Australian movie cinephile & are simply looking for that next Aussie masterpiece. Look no further, you've definitely come to the right place!
A selection of quality (& some not so) Australian cinema from through-out the ages. Be it Action, Drama, War, Western, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Martial Arts, SciFi & more... your sure to find some inspiration here!

I started this list because searching for 'true' Australian films here on the database always returns a mix including American productions filmed in won't find any of them here. For a film to be included it must feature a majority Australian cast & be filmed in Australia. No American Productions filmed in Australia will be included. You WON'T be seeing films like: The Matrix, Dark City or Queen of the Damned listed here!

This is an ongoing list that will be updated as I view more. Thus t's a select list which will hopefully become definitive in the not to distant future.

(May 2015) Huge Update of Retro Horror & Thriller titles. (Sep 2014)
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Drenched in personal nostalgia and always a hoot, this is a list list of my favourite repeat viewing films. While not always the greatest works of art, these are the movies I have found myself returning to again & again over many years. This does'nt mean I watch them frequently, far from it. Often I wont endulge in these for a number of years, but they certainly are the films I have viewed the most, and the films I never tire of. So are you open minded? Do you want a great fun filled time? Do you like Crime, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Drama, .... this list has got it all!