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Drenched in personal nostalgia and always a hoot, this is a list list of my favourite repeat viewing films. While not always the greatest works of art, these are the movies I have found myself returning to again & again over many years. This does'nt mean I watch them frequently, far from it. Often I wont endulge in these for a number of years, but they certainly are the films I have viewed the most, and the films I never tire of. So are you open minded? Do you want a great fun filled time? Do you like Crime, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Drama, .... this list has got it all!
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So your interested in Australian produced films but don't know where to start?
Or perhaps your a seasoned Australian movie cinephile & are simply looking for that next Aussie masterpiece. Look no further, you've definately come to the right place!
A selection of quality (& some not so) Australian cinema from through-out the ages. Be it Action, Drama, War, Western, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Martial Arts, SciFi & more... your sure to find some inspiration here!

I started this list because searching for 'true' Australian films here on the database always returns a mix including American productions filmed in won't find any of them here. For a film to be included it must feature a majority Australian cast & be filmed in Australia. No American Productions filmed in Australia will be included. You WON'T be seeing films like: The Matrix, Dark City or Queen of the Damned listed here!

This is an ongoing list that will be updated as I view more. Thus t's a select list which will hopefully become definative in the not to distant future.