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why? why? why?!?!?, 4 January 2003

This movie is a well made movie. It was made by two of my favorite HK directors, Yuen Woo Ping and Tsui Hark, who have made so many great movies I cant even list them all. Plus, they're collaborating on a sequel to a really good movie. And yet, this movie is a piece of crap. Really it is. There isnt any real kung fu, just a bunch of animal people flying around, smacking into each other. The plot is about as horrible as you can get, even for an action movie (and i dont expect much from an action/kung fu movie...except for ACTION and KUNG FU, neither of which are here). It makes me sad that so many great people were involved in this movie, but I should have known it wasn't good because Jet Li didn't return for this, and taking his place is some guy i dont know, and he's fighting a bunch of pro-wrestlers. Pure crap, avoid at all costs.

Crouching Tiger, Schmouching Tiger (6 out of 10), 5 January 2002

All right, this movie was pretty good. Very well made, very beautiful. Also, very boring. The choreography is good yet scarce, but i mean Yuen Wo Ping has done much better and much more in alomost every other film he has done. this is the kind of movie i relate to punk rock (and i do the same with horror movies). This is the "blink 182" of kung fu movies. Its mainstream, so much better are out there (something along the lines of Drunken Master, Enter The Dragon, and the 36 Chambers film are the Rancid, Sex Pistols and The Clash of the genre) and this is what the people think every kung fu movie is like. Good movie, but just not THAT good.

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5 out of 10, 7 August 2001

Not a typical Jackie movie. Jackie is always a nice, doesnt quite know whats goin on kinda guy, but in this movie he is one bad-ass dude. All these people want a book he has, but Jackie aint giving that thing up, so you can bet he will fight a whole lot to keep it. this movie just didnt do it for me. I like the Jackie we know and love(or serious Jackie when he does it well), and this wasnt him. From what I hear, a lot of other fans like this movie for the same reason I dont like it, so you might want to check this one out.

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6 out of 10, 7 August 2001

I DIDNT HATE IT! which really surprised me, because everyone on IMDb said this movie totally sucked and I went in expecting the worst. Sure Jackie is miscast, but other than the addition of curse words, his character isnt any darker than in Crime Story or Police Story 2. The action is slow, but better than any of the American action junk I've ever seen. Plus, there is tons of full-frontal nudity! Bet you didnt expect that from a Jackie Chan movie, did ya? I can understand why JC was disappointed with it, because it is nowhere near as good as almost any of his other 80's-90's movies, but it aint all that bad. Go in thinking you will hate it, and you just might like it.

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4 out of 10 *spoilers*, 3 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me tell you right now, this movie is not good. It is no different then any other prison escape movie ever made. I bought this movie the first time I saw it for sale at some video store, not knowing that it was Island On Fire, but I should have, because it under the title, The Prisoner. I had recently seen Island On Fire at my friends house, and I was sorely disapointed. The few scenes Jackie has are ones to be charished, because those are the only good scenes in the movie. Sammo Hung was good in the movie, but whoever wrote this movie needs to take some kind of screen-writing class, because the lines in this movie are completely horrible. Jackie only did this movie as a favor. So that explains why he would ever be in a movie like this. You should see it, but dont expect much.

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9 out of 10, 3 August 2001

I'm really not that big of Jet Li fan, but every once and a while, I would enjoy one of his films so much it just make me want to rush out and see them all. This is definatly one of those films. Of course, by the time I write this, I have already seen most of his films, but this one is the one that made me like Jet Li alot more than I used to. Jet plays Wong-Fei Hung, and this Fei-Hung character, well, he does not like guns. I really like Jackie Chan's Wong Fei Hung better, but, I am a much bigger fan of Chan then I am of Li. But Li plays the part very well, and is backed up by a terrific performance by Yuen Biao. I didnt see a lot of that wire-fu stuff, which is good, I really hate wires. The fights are awesome and so is the plot. Check this one out, its really good.

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5 out of 10, 3 August 2001

When I saw this movie at Blockbuster, I was so excited. I had heard great things about it but didn't think I would ever be able to see it. But I did, and it isnt all that great. The martial arts battles are good, but there was too much John Woo-like slow-mo shots during them. I really liked most of the characters in the movie, especially Tony Leung, he is one of my favorite actors. But the biggest problem this movie had was the story. Not so much a bad story, it just isnt that exciting. If you are a fan of Tony Leung and John Woo movies, I suggest you pick this up, but if not, then you might want to stay away.

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6 out of 10, 1 August 2001

Not as good as the first one for sure. Not a bad movie by itself, but it really could have used the return of Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, who were out filming Eastern Condors at the time. The films fight sequences were not as good as the first films, and the humor wasnt as funny. I feel like I'm bashing this film, which isnt the case, because it is a good film, it just doesnt live up to the original. I still recommend to check it out.

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10 out of 10, 1 August 2001

The last of the 3 Brothers films is undoubtedly the best. Yes, even better than Project A. It took me a while to find a copy of this Chan-Hung-Biao classic, but as soon as I found it, I immediately bought it. I payed 29 dollars for it, and it was totally worth it. It has some of the best action choreography I have ever seen. It is a fast, hilarious, action-packed ride that everyone can enjoy. I think that every single person should see this film, because if you havent, you dont know what action really is.

6 out of 10, 1 August 2001

A Jackie Chan comedy can be good even without a lot of action, as long as it is very funny. Shanghai Noon has a large lack of the action Jackie fans have come to expect from the man. But it is an American production, so how much awe-inspiring action can we really get? Well, I was hoping for more than this. But let me tell you, this movie is funny. I was laughing out loud the whole time. Jackie Chan plays an imperial guard sent to America to rescue a princess, and Owen Wilson plays a train robber, and when they meet up, its almost non-stop hilarity. Chan and Wilson play so well off of each other, and have great chemistry. The action is very...well...its not up to Chan standards, and not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. But as a comedy alone, it works very well. So if you want a good laugh, this is a good movie to check out. But if you want to see some sweet fights, check out some of Chan's older movies, like Drunken Master 2 or Project A.

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