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Women of the Night (1987) (TV)
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Great start, 20 June 2003

I remember seeing this when it came out, on HBO I think it was. The beginning of the series of female comedians, that would leave you gasping for breath in fits of laughter. Now, if only they would bring them out on video and/or DVD, that would be great.

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Opened today, 11 July 2001

First off, I need to reiterate: Hardcore Final Fantasy fans may have a hard time accepting this as a true extension of the games. The reason? It's not an extension of the games. While it would be closest to FF7 and FF8, the story has nothing to do with endless battles, or summoning monsters to assist the characters in their quest.

This movie has some slight references to the Final Fantasy series. One character is named Dr Sid, which could be a tribute to their repetitious use of Cid, and they refer to the earth spirit as Gaia. This could be the first step in a Final Fantasy series, and I would hope that the next one includes more of the things that make the games popular.

From an artist's standpoint, I was awestruck by the visuals, and like someone mentioned before, forgot that the movie was entirely computer generated. I was sometimes brought back to reality by a few minor miscues. Generally, these were just a mouth not looking correct while speaking, or stiff movements. These moments would pass by very quickly, and I'd be back in my trance.

I would like to know what is now considered an "original story", as well as state that none of us made an "original post" either.