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Very Cool Look at Little Italy, 4 October 2006

This documentary has a unique point of view as to the neighborhood that we all have been to but know very little about. It is really scary to think that Little Italy could some day only exist in our memories.

Although I am not Italian American, I as deeply moved by the stories of the people who lived and struggled throughout the history of the community. Their tales are of struggle, perseverance and family/community bonds. It is really hard to believe that the neighborhood that is portrayed in the documentary is the same neighborhood we see today. With million dollar condominiums and thousands of tourists, it is in sharp contrast to the historic portrayal. The film makers do a wonderful job showing the diversity and the changing landscape that is this neighborhood.

I highly recommend this to Italian Americans and anyone else that shares an interest in Italian culture in the U.S. - or even an interest in New York neighborhoods.