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They may not be major Hollywood players just yet, but Muslim actors, writers, producers, directors, and other artistic professionals have been on the rise over the past decade. You may recognize some on our list as frequent character actors who have gone beyond playing the typical "terrorist" or immigrant roles. Others are less known to the public, though they help shape some of our most popular movies and TV shows.

Drawing on their faith to fuel their work (or help make fun of life), some of these Hollywood folks have been working the scene for years, while others are just starting to make their mark. From shows like "Sleeper Cell" and "The Daily Show" to movies like The House of Sand and Fog and Independence Day, these Muslims have steadily and quietly produced a stellar body of Hollywood work.
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In this list i would like to mention Seasons which starts real great and than End Badly with fall down of ratings ..
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i wonder why they created these series...
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top ten most awesome series you will ever see this is a challenge that you never dislike any series in the list ..
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This list is about Best TV Series from last Decade. this is my favorite list if anyone had an objection must comment.