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absolutely must see!!!, 4 February 2007

Diane Keaton is wonderful as always. I laughed so hard throughout this movie. Mandy Moore, and the daughters were hilarious watching the exchanges between daughters and their mom. There are a lot of risqué innuendos throughout this movie but it is so worth watching not once or twice but possibly again and again and again. Any mother with teenage daughters should go to this one together to see an upside to all the day to day grind we all go through.

Definitely one worth watching and buying to keep in the family collection.

The guys in this movie were perfectly cast and played together so well. You find yourself cheering for Johnny so badly when it looks like Milly will hook up with Jason just because her mother wants her to.

I thought this would be a total chick flick but there were men in the theater while I was there laughing just as loud as the women were.

A definite must see!!

Epic Movie (2007)
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not worth paying for, 3 February 2007

This movie to me was such a waste of talent and money from people paying to watch films. I had to make myself stay to the end. While everyone around me was laughing their heads off, I was mostly annoyed. Of course, most of the people watching the same time as myself were Jr. High age or down. Napoleon Dynamite was better than this one and I hated that movie. I would recommend to anyone wanting to watch this, to wait and rent it because it is not worth the admission price at a theater. Overrated according to the comments I have heard about this movie. Younger people seem to like it but as I said they are Jr High age or younger.

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excellent movie, 3 February 2007

I went to this movie not knowing what to expect. I didn't remember seeing any reviews before hand. My daughter prompted me to go with her. I am so glad she did. I am going to go watch it again because I feel I missed several parts from laughing. This movie was exceptional to me. It had sad, funny, a good story line. Jennifer Gardner is a wonderful actress, and this part was super for her. I did not know the other actors or actresses in the movie but I thought everyone was exceptionally cast and played their parts to perfection. Wonderful chick flick. I don't know if men would like it but it so worth going to see.

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a funny movie, 23 October 2006

Jessica Simpson is not one of my favorite people. But I have to say she had a better part in this than seeing her trying to portray Daisy Duke. Greg Coolidge is hilarious and a wonderful actor. This movie was funny, funny, funny. The language left a lot to be desired, I don't like to hear all the cussing. Movies would be a lot better without all of that. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes watching this one though. Efran Ramirez can play the funniest parts by just being so dead pan. I would have loved to see the bloopers on this one being made. Marcello Thedford played the big dummy perfectly. He is a funny guy. A good movie to watch but I wouldn't take anyone under 13 because of the language.

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Robin Williams is great!, 23 October 2006

Robin Williams has done it again. He has been and probably will always be one of my favorite actors. In this movie he is hilarious as usual. A lot of the language isn't appropriate for most of us, but if you can overlook that this movie is a must see. It makes you think this could probably actually happen. He brings out points that I'm sure we all think of at one time or another. The actress Laura Linney was superb. She played a wonderful part and played it really well. There are quite a few innuendo's that may or may not fly over your children's heads. But this movie is great and worth the time to watch. Christopher Walken and Jeff Goldblum are great as usual also. Goldblum really plays the crazy man pretty good.

Flicka (2006)
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great family movie, 23 October 2006

Its about time someone came out with a clean, funny, suspenseful, and outright wonderful family movie. I am sure I will watch this again, and again. Tim McGraw surprised me being able to act on top of singing. All of the actors and actresses in this film were really good. I think I only heard one cuss word which was very nice considering most films now. This movie made me laugh, cry and just feel good. A definite on being seen. If you want a good time with your family ... go watch this movie. Can be watched by all ages. It does a few parts that might be a little too intense for ages 6 and under but everyone else I think will love this movie as much as I did.

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Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher strike again., 3 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I laughed so much through this movie I know I will have to see it twice because I had to have missed some of the funny parts. Very clean, which was surprising since Lawrence was in it, but so worth the time I spent watching it. It breaks your heart when Beth has to leave Boog in the woods but to see him overcome all the obstacles thrown in his path, is very amusing from the eyes of an animal. Aston Kutcher was hilarious as Eliot. I didn't realize he could be so funny and amusing. This movie I highly recommend to anyone with children regardless of their ages, if you want to spend time with your children in a clean environment. I intend to go back and take my neighbors children to see it also.

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Wonderful family movie, 3 October 2006

I went to this movie with my daughter expecting to NOT like it. But I loved it. It had funny parts, sad parts, cute parts, the whole she-bang. Babe Ruth has been a hero to kids for years and a movie based on him was something new. Especially in the light of coming from a baseball, and his special bat. This movie is definitely worth seeing if you have children. Its clean, funny and thoroughly entertaining. In fact I would probably go watch it a second time just to make sure I didn't miss anything. The little boys adventure is something you could imagine if you were seven years old or so. Definitely a good movie to see.

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John Heder is awesome, 3 October 2006

This movie did have me laughing out loud. John Heder is one of the best "acting" dorks in the movies today. While I am not a Billy Bob Thorton fan he was good in this movie also. All of the "losers" that played in this one, they were cast with a good eye. They were all believable. I do agree with the PG-13 rating due to the language in this movie. I wish someone would make a really good movie without all the cussing. It isn't needed. Ben Stiller was hilarious as usual playing the part of the crazy hermit. But John Heder stole the show as the nerdy guy trying to win the girl. He is destined for the big times I think, because he is so funny, seemingly without trying.

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good movie, horrible language, 3 October 2006

This movie will make you want to stand up and cheer, yell and just get excited. The only drawback to it was the language. It was beyond horrible. The actors did a great job of portraying what -I assume- life would be like in a situation like that of the young boys. It did make you realize how hard life can be for a lot of people. This movie will make you laugh, want to cry, and want to adopt the children. Its sad to think of things like this actually happening in life. It definitely needed the PG-13 rating because I don't think younger children should watch it simply because of the language. It is worth your money if you are older than 13.