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Flight 29 Down (2005–2007)
Good show for kids and teens
1 February 2007
This is a really good show. I was surprised, because I thought it was a ripoff of "Lost", but now I know that the show actually started production before "Lost" did. The main actors on the show are all good, and it's well-written. The talented young cast (Allen Alvarado, Corbin Bleu, Hallee Hirsh, Jeremy Kissner, Johnny Pacar, Lauren Storm, and Kristy Wu) are all great and will all have great careers after the show ends. Bleu's career, in particular, is kicking off with a bang after the huge successes of his Disney movies, "High School Musical" and "Jump In". Great ensemble cast, great show. I look forward to seeing these actors in other movies and TV shows in the future.
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The Game (2006–2015)
Refreshing, Original, and Entertaining!
3 January 2007
"The Game" tells the stories of three women (Melanie Barnett, Kelly Pitts, and Tasha Mack) who are the girlfriends, wives, and mothers of professional football players (Derwin Davis, Jason Pitts, and Malik Wright) who play for the fictional San Diego Sabers. The show has a refreshing premise. Some say it's similar to the BBC show "Footballers Wives", but that show is a moody drama, while this show is a comedy that focuses on the relationships between the women and their men. The show is pretty accurate in the way they portray the women (especially the hierarchy: groupies are at the bottom of the pyramid, the girlfriends are next, the wives close to the top, and the footballers' mothers at the very top) and the players (especially how the veterans refer to the newbies as simply "Rookie".) The show has its funny moments, but does need better writing. The show is brilliantly cast, with several familiar faces from very popular shows.

Tia Mowry, known for her six years on the hit WB sitcom "Sister, Sister", leads the young and talented cast as the rookie's naive girlfriend, Melanie Barnett.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, who starred on "The Steve Harvey Show" for six seasons, portrays Tasha Mack, the abrasively blunt and honest mother / manager to her star player son.

Coby Bell, who is best known for his six-season stint on the popular NBC drama series "Third Watch", as well as a recurring role on UPN's "Half & Half", portrays the Sabers' notoriously frugal team captain and star player, Jason Pitts.

Brittany Daniel, of the series "Sweet Valley High", portrays Jason's ditzy wife Kelly Pitts, the leader of the wives / girlfriends organization, The Sunbeams.

Pooch Hall, who made several guest appearances on the WB's short-lived series "Pepper Dennis" and starred in the holiday special "Christmas At Water's Edge" with Cosby kid Keshia Knight Pulliam, stars as the team's ambitious rookie, Derwin Davis.

Rounding out the cast as the womanizing and sometimes-immature quarterback Malik Wright is Hosea Chanchez, who previously had a recurring role on "For Your Love".

Good show, wonderful cast, great acting. The show definitely has the potential to be a hit, but needs better writing and desperately needs more exposure if it's going to succeed.
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Figure It Out (1997–2013)
My favorite Nickelodeon game show of all time!!!
11 November 2006
I loved "Figure It Out". I just found out that it comes on the Games And Sports Network, so I'm watching it again, even though the show ended seven years ago. Lori Beth was my favorite panelist, but I also liked Danny Tamberelli, Amanda Bynes, Kevin Kopelow, Erin J. Dean, Josh Server, Michelle Trachtenberg, Christy Knowings, Kareem Blackwell, Boris Cabrera, Jenna Leigh Green, Tara Lipinski, Kenan Thompson, and Kel Mitchell. I loved the episode where Lori Beth was the host for the first half, and Summer was a panelist. While the others were pretty smart (when they wanted to be), Lori Beth and Erin were pretty much the brains on the panel. I remember several episodes when Lori Beth filled in Billy the Answer Head all by herself. And once she left the show in '99, Erin J. Dean took over the role.

Love the show to this day! I wish new episodes still came on, even though there aren't that many live-action shows on Nickelodeon anymore...
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Weakest Link: Third Watch Edition (2001)
Season 2, Episode 14
Love "The Weakest Link" and love "Third Watch"
4 October 2006
Well, this episode certainly dispels the Hollywood myth that actors and other entertainers are dumb. "Third Watch" cast members Coby Bell, Anthony Ruivivar, Skipp Sudduth, Amy Carlson, and Chris Bauer (as well as recurring guest star Savannah Haske) were very intelligent in this episode. You could tell that they are all well-educated. Instead of kids looking up to people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (who are paid to act dumb), kids should look up to celebrities who aren't afraid to show that they've had an education and know things not only about the entertainment biz, but also about history, politics, medicine, and more. Good for you guys for being inspirational role models for young people like me. Thank you.
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Third Watch (1999–2005)
A great show with exceptionally talented, underrated actors and actresses.
1 October 2006
This is my favorite television show to watch, even though it ended its run over a year ago. I never watched the show during its run, and came across it one night when I couldn't sleep. After watching a few episodes over a few consecutive nights, I found myself liking the show and the characters, and began watching and taping the show on a regular basis. The characters are great. You really find yourself caring about them, and hated to see them hurt. The most endearing characters to me were Monte 'Doc' Parker, Faith Yokas, Ty Davis Jr., Bobby Caffey, Maurice 'Bosco' Boscorelli, Jimmy Doherty, and Kim Zambrano. The actors on the show are all exceptional as well. Coby Bell is my favorite actor from the show and is very underrated. He's an incredible actor. Molly Price is also extraordinarily talented, and yet she's not a household name. She's great. Michael Beach also, as Doc, was really good. The rest of the cast, also, was just impeccable. The writing on the show was some of the best I've seen on TV. The story lines were compelling and completely sucked you in for sixty minutes each episode. Then, you're left waiting on the edge of your seat for the next episode. The show had a devoted following, but was inexplicably cancelled by NBC in March of 2005. With the NBC network really struggling right now, they should really be kicking themselves for cancelling such a great show. I guess 132 episodes on A&E will have to be enough.
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