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The Prankster is back and bent of revenge again. This time with Superman as well as Lois Lane., 20 January 2007

The Prankster is back. This time he has a freezing ray that he uses on Lois. It also doubles as a camera, so he can take a picture of himself with her and leave it in her hand to see when she wakes up.

His real goal, though, is greed. The President of the USA is coming to town and he decides he wants to hold him for ransom. If he can find a way to modify the beam so that it works on Superman, they will be unstoppable!

Lois, Clark, and Superman have to find a way to stop them. If only to keep them from freezing the Daily Plant staff and putting Lois' dress on Jimmy Olsen again!

Diana Stride, a top television journalist, decides she wants to find out Superman's secrets - like who are the women in his life and is he really Clark Kent., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Diana Stride, a top television journalist, decides she wants to find out Superman's secrets - like who are the women in his life and is he really Clark Kent.

Beginning by throwing herself off a building, Diana Stride decides to make life difficult for Superman. By doing it, she also makes life difficult for Clark Kent, who is in the middle of a pivotal conversation with Lois about whether or not they should date, not to mention a chess game with her. She tags Superman with a tracking device and follows it to the Daily Planet, where she finds...only Superman himself. Changing tactics, she tells everyone she is doing a tribute to Superman and wants to interview everyone at the Daily Planet, especially Lois, Perry and Clark.

Before long she is convinced that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. She also finds out that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. She's able to obtain some, largely because it turns out she is a former assassin for Intergang! She has them grind it up and put it into a special lipstick. She kisses Superman, who then swallows the Kryptonite and proceeds to get very sick.

When another visit to the Daily Planet with her tracking device prompts Clark to leave, he ends up on his couch, getting ever sicker. Over the phone, his parents urge him to go to the hospital. He agrees to go, but decides that he should go as Superman. Unfortunately, while he is changing his clothes, Diana Stride and her cameraman are outside his window and see it! Superman collapses on the floor before getting out the door, but Lois shows up and gets him to the hospital. The doctor says there is not much they can do, as it is spreading like a cancer. He suggests that they would use radiation therapy for cancer, so Superman decides that he needs a bigger dose than most and finds the nearest nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, Diana and her cameraman search Clark's apartment and find the hidden compartment in his closet where he keeps his Superman suits. Diana films it and broadcasts it on TV. All the staff from the Daily Planet see it, including Lois, Perry and Jimmy. Jimmy and Perry don't believe it, although Jimmy points out that they do look a lot a like. Lois, however, simply looks shocked and has nothing to say.

A few minutes after the broadcast, Clark arrives to a crowd of newspaper staff all staring at him. He proceeds downstairs to a prearranged press conference where he begins to dispute the claim, only to have Superman fly in and take over the telling. The explanation, and the fact that they are both there at the same time, convince everyone, or almost everyone, that he is not Superman. However, the telemetry on the laser that his parents are using to project Superman is not completely straight, and it appears that Lois may have noticed.

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Nuclear Rats Make Lois, Clark,and Jimmy act like children., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's Christmas. Lois seems to hate it, but in reality she just hates the commercialism. Clark, on the other hand, seem giddy about it. However, one ex-toymaker and his secretary develop a scheme to get back at kids, and society, by creating Rat dolls that shoot a chemical that makes kids greedy and adults act like greedy kids. Lois and Clark investigate and discover how to stop it, but it's the toymaker's own real love of children that saves the day in the end.

There were several good parts to this episode. My favorites, though, were when Lois, Clark and Jimmy are all infected and are behaving like greedy children. It is hilarious to see the three of them interact like they were kids. Lois gets scolded by Perry for drawing a hopscotch board on the floor in magic marker, which Jimmy and Clark laugh at. In retaliation, Lois reminds them that she has all the Atomic Space Rats and they have none. Clark shoots back that he could get them if he wanted to. Knowing that he really could made it even funnier. And then there is the candy eating "contest" Jimmy and Clark have, where Clark essentially impersonates a Hoover! In addition, Jimmy and Clark wheel around having desk chair races, and even Perry starts dancing like Elvis and telling his wife he wants to go to Graceland for Christmas.

By far the best part of it, though, is when the Kents get to the Daily Planet from their Metropolis shopping trip. Martha is in Perry's office and looks out between the blinds to see Clark use his heat vision to burn the heel off Lois' shoe. She comes tearing out of the office like any good mother would, uses his full name and scolds the heck out of him. She then grabs his ear and drags him into a private office, with Jonathon following. He tries at first to claim that he didn't do anything, but she uses on of the greatest mother lines of all - "you know exactly what you did!" Something about knowing that Superman had a mother and she knew how to handle him just makes me smile!

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Superman is blinded, but not by love for Lois Lane this time., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While trying to get awhile from two men who want to steal his invention, a scientist runs into Lois' apartment building to escape and happens upon Lois taking out her garbage. He shoots her with the device, which puts her into a trance, and hides the device, which looks like a pen, in the pen cup on her desk. He tries to flee out the window, but is found by the two men before he can make it and is killed. When the police show up, Lois is still in the trance but eventually wakes up, unable to help since she only saw the scientist. Clark is concerned for her health, and become even more so when she begins to spout random bits of complex technical knowledge. Unaware of the fact that the pen she puts in her briefcase is not a pen, Lois takes it to work with her.

At work, Lois realizes that the device won't write and almost throws it away. Clark says it may only need an ink refill, and goes into a short rant about everything being disposable anymore. Lois and Jimmy are a bit taken aback, but Lois says if it means that much to him, Clark can have the pen. Back at his desk, Clark tries to take a note with it and realizes it lights up. Thinking it's a flashlight, he points it out to Lois and puts it back in his pen cup. Later, Jimmy accidentally knocks into Clark's pen holder and, when picking up the fallen pens and pencils, missing the device. It almost gets swept up and thrown away, then gets kicked around until it ends up in the dark room with Jimmy, who finds it and puts it back in Lois' pen cup.

While the device is making this roundabout journey back to Lois' desk, the two men, anxious to get the device back, lure Lois out to meet them, shine a light in her eyes, and ask her if Superman always comes to help her when she is in trouble. She says its not something she wants to think about when she is in the dark facing two men she doesn't know and can't see. Superman comes to her rescue and they hit him with a beam of light from another device. He is momentarily stunned, but revives when they try to grab Lois and flies away with her. When she asks why he is flying so slowly, he reveals that he is completely blind.

Lois guides him back to her apartment, but unintentionally leads him through a closed window. Superman stays on her couch for the night, and Lois calls for help from Star Labs in the morning. They agree to send over one of their optometrists, but the two men (one of whom IS an optometrist) intercept him and go to Lois' apartment in his place. While pretending to examine Superman, they also search the apartment for the device. Lois' comes back early and catches them. They flee. Clark's parents show up, after a phone call from Clark, and make their way to Lois' apartment, pretending to look for Clark.

Since Clark had been asked to go away for the weekend by Mason (the assistant district attorney) Jimmy, Lois and Perry all assume he simply left early when he doesn't show up for work. Lois is all worked up over this because, aside from being livid with jealousy she pretends doesn't exist, she sees him as not being there for Superman when he needs him. Mason, however, believes herself to be stood up when she arrives to pick up Clark at the end of the workday.

When the Clarks arrive, Superman asks Lois for some Oolong tea. Not having any on hand, she agrees to go get some, and Jonathon joins her. While they are gone, Martha talks with Clark/Superman about what can be done. Jonathon and Lois have a heart-to-heart as well, but it's cut short when she's kidnapped. The two men explain what the device is and what it looks like and Lois remembers where she saw it last, on Clark's desk. She agrees to tell them where it is in exchange for the secret to giving Superman back his sight. Meanwhile, Superman also learns what the device is and also remembers where it was. Despite being sightless, he goes to the Daily Planet after her, assuming they would have made her tell them where it was.

However, when Lois gets there and it is not in Clark's pen cup, the optometrist accuses her of lying and threaten to hurt her. Superman cuts the power and they fight in darkness. Lois manages to get the device they used to take his sight away and reverses it, giving it back to him.

I liked this episode because it showed again that complicated triangle/not-really-triangle between Superman/Clark and Lois. Also, there is a scene where Superman is sitting on Lois' couch and saying "you have to play the hand your dealt. If this blindness is permanent, I'll just have to be the best blind person I can be." That sort of made me think of Christopher Reeve, who played Superman so well in the 80s movies, and how, when real life handed him an accident that made him a paraplegic, he handled it like a superman as well, being the best paraplegic he could be.

Lex Luther is back., 20 January 2007

Thanks to his more-than-attentive doctor, Lex Luthor rises out the ashes of his supposed death. The first thing he does is attempt to get his money back from his lawyer, who stole it. The second, and more important to him, thing he does is get Kryptonite, from one of the brother scientists who created Metallo. And, oh yeah, he loses his hair...

Luther and his comrades kidnap the lawyer and Lois and Clark see it. The lawyer first claims that the money's tied up in real estate, but when Luther still dangles him over a pit of hungry rats, he eventually tells him that he can get him involved in Intergang. Luther is still not interested, until the lawyer tells him he knows where he can get Luther some Kryponite, which Luther esteems higher than money and equates with "real power."

Using a variety of costumes, Luther moves around the city under everyone's noses for awhile before finally revealing himself to Lois, whom he claims to still love. He's convinced that she also returns his love, but he will not take no for an answer.

A new crime element is moving into Metropolis., 20 January 2007

When Lois' Uncle's restaurant is set alight by local hoods, Lois and Clark discover there is more than gang-related violence going on in the run-down neighborhood. A large discount store is opening in the area and the international crime organization Intergang is trying to take over the neighborhood (so it can build casinos) by paying thugs to commit crime and lower property values. Superman stops the criminal "Baby Rage," but Clark was the one who saw him place the incendiary device, so the assistant District Attorney asks him to testify in court. Her interest, though, isn't purely professional, which she makes obvious to Clark, making Lois see green. In addition, she doesn't like Superman because he is not a licensed officer of the law and doesn't read criminals their rights. All of this has Clark confused, since the opposite seems to be true of Lois.

A lawyer for Intergang, however, tries to buy Superman's "cooperation" and then threatens Jimmy, Lois and Perry. He is prevented from being in the neighborhood as Superman, but Lois gives him an idea for how to go undercover and still watch her Uncle's place.

Superman learns that strength is not always his biggest asset., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When most of Perry's life savings is stolen from his men's club by a ninja-like figure in black possessing unusual powers, his best reporters start to dig into the issue. Lois, however, is sidetracked somewhat when she is forbidden to enter the Men's club to investigate. Their search leads them to Chinatown, and to a reporter with the Chinatown newspaper. Chen, it turns out, is a friend of Clark's and looks remarkably like him. This "Chinese Clark Kent" tells Lois that he knows Clark because "we go to the same optometrist." That obvious smile-getting allusion aside, Lois is offended yet again when she is told by Chen's grandfather that women are not allowed to participate in his advanced level martial arts classes. She arrives as Clark's apartment (where Clark's parents are visiting) in a huff and an ill-considered comment by Clark's father starts a debate about why Men's clubs should exist. Jonathon tries to appeal to his wife for help, but she stands beside Lois and tells him to explain it HER. They eventually agree to switch chores while they are visiting Clark.

Lois and Clark find out there have been similar robberies and all of places owned by the same company and linked to illegal importation of indentured servants. The perpetrator is a martial arts master who possesses two bracelets with supernatural powers, which make him able to defeat even Superman and disappear almost as if by magic. He is also giving the money back to the indentured servants so that they can pay off their debt.

Clark proposes that it might be Chen who is the supernatural robber. Lois says "a mild mannered reporter is really some kind of superhero," which makes all three (Lois, Perry, and Jimmy) laugh. Clark just smiles as if to say "how silly of me for suggesting it." Clark still thinks it's worth checking out. Apparently so do the people who want the bracelets, because they beat up Chen, thinking it is him.

Eventually, Superman finds that he and the would-be Robin Hood are on the same side and, to defeat the bad guys, he has to learn how to use his "strong Chi" and fight using martial arts.

Jonathon Kent, meanwhile, tires himself out doing the list of chores that Martha hands him. She, however, sits and plays checkers for three days. In the end, he cooks dinner (Chinese) for all the Kents and Lois, and Martha casually suggests that she usually likes to order from a different restaurant. Clark comments "Mom, we have a guest" and she replies, over the closing credits "oh, she's family."

This storyline is right out of the 1990s, in a good way. It's also great to think of Superman using martial arts as well as traditional muscle.

Two scientist brothers create a cyborg robot capable of defeating Superman., 20 January 2007

Two scientist brothers create a robot to be a super-criminal. When the robot malfunctions, they decide that they need a human brain to create a cyborg (half man/half machine) which will use Kryptonite as its unlimited power source.

Meanwhile, Lois' sister Lucy is back in Metropolis and dating a man whom Lois thinks is a scum-ball. She investigates and finds that he has a criminal record, to which she tries in a not-so-subtle manner to alert her sister. Her instincts appear to be pretty good, though, since he ends up involved in an armored car robbery gone bad. He is badly shot and his partner sells him to the brothers so that they can use his brain for their cyborg. He wakes up pretty shocked at all this but it doesn't take him long to adjust. When he robs an ATM (by punching through it and grabbing the cash), Lois and Clark show up at the Police scene to cover the story and Lois identifies the picture of her sister's boyfriend from the ATM machine photo.

Before long, the cyborg (nicknamed Metallo by the press) meets Superman and, due to his Kryptonite power source, is able to kick Superman's butt. Jimmy almost takes a picture of the defeated Superman, but Lois stops him. When Perry calls Jimmy on this, Lois admits it was her fault. Perry reminds Lois that she can't let her personal feelings regarding Superman interfere with her objectivity when it comes to a story. She promises it will never happen again.

To bait a trap for Superman, the brothers and Metallo decide to kidnap someone close to him. For once, they decide to kidnap Clark. Lois and Jimmy come to the rescue, but before they do Clark overhears (and sees) that Metallo has a Kryptonite power source. Clark thanks Lois for what she did and Superman tells her she did a very brave thing.

Superman's powers are transferred to a Tennessean as he is about to commit suicide., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While investigating a lead on Lex Luther's whereabouts with Lois in a graveyard, Clark overhears a rather pathetic man from Tennessee talking to his Momma's grave and telling her he is going to kill himself. Superman grabs the gun before he can shoot himself, but the metal attracts lightning and Superman is struck while holding the man's hand. Wanting to get back to Lois, who is in danger of being found by the guard, Superman suggests that he talk to a counselor at the hospital. He flies away, not knowing that his powers have been duplicated in the little man. However, Luther's doctor (played by Denise Crosby) observes the man throwing the now bent handgun and sending it into orbit. She figures out what had happened and makes a plan to transfer powers to herself and then on to Luther.

Superman/Clark doesn't know anything until the next day when Lois almost gets hit by a car and gets saved by the new superhero. Superman (as Clark) is so surprised he gets hit by the car himself, shredding the back of his suit. Not long afterward, Lois gets a bill for services from the newcomer and is outraged. Not as outraged as Superman, though, who immediately goes to find the new guy and explain a few things about right and wrong to him. He won't listen, of course, and soon makes a play for Lois. Superman flies up and sees them talking in Lois' apartment and rescues her from his unwanted advances by showing up as Clark. Lois, though, can't get any answers from him anyway because he says he is negotiating the rights for a book deal.

Lois tries to find out what caused the transfer, since she was able to find out that the new nameless superhero is not from Krypton, but from Tennessee and the powers are new to him. She asks Superman, who says he can't help her. Clark discusses this with his parents, who agree that the story should not get out or Superman will be in danger from people think they deserve powers. He expresses his concern that the Tennesseean with four Ws in his name doesn't understand the responsibility that goes along with the powers.

Meanwhile, the Tennessean get an inspiration for a name from his sister WandaMae (who is in an asylum because she thinks she is Mary Tood Lincoln and calls him Tad) and decides to become "Resplendant Man." Luther's doctor approaches him with an offer to make him rich if he'll share his powers with her. He says no, because he realizes she is not a good person and shouldn't have powers and flies off.

Some investigation leads Lois and Clark to interview Resplendant Man's sister. When they ask her how he got the powers, the "nurse"(who is really Luthor's doctor) tries to lead her away. Lois jumps in, realizes this woman seems to have no "bedside manner" and while they are arguing, Clark uses his laser beam vision under the table, which Mrs. Lincoln sees. Lois asks her question again, and WandaMae says "Superman," seeming to speak directly to Clark and accuse him. Lois doesn't notice because she is shocked to think that Superman lied to her. She comments on this to Clark, who pleads a need to use the bathroom and disappears. She waits in the parking lot, where Superman flies down to meet her. She accuses him of lying. He pleads that he didn't actually lie, but she sees very little difference. He tries to explain and asks her not to print the truth of what happened.

When a television commercial with a "help" line show up on TV, Superman goes to find Respendant Man and they end up in a fistfight in the middle of town. Jimmy takes pictures until they stop for breath and then asks if they are done because he has a deadline and doesn't want to miss anything. Meanwhile, Lois spots the doctor taking Mrs. Lincoln away in a car and follows them, getting herself caught in the process.

The doctor uses WandaMae/Mrs. Lincoln to coerce Resplendant Man into helping her and he begins to see that being a superhero may not be always that great. Superman appears, but too late to stop the doctor from transferring powers from Resplendant Man. She taunts him and he is reluctant to fight her since he doesn't like hitting a woman. She hits him a few times and then Resplendant Man joins the fight. Together they are able to beat her and get her onto the transfer device. However, in the process, Resplendant Man has to hold her, so the powers are removed from her and him. In the end, though, he tell Lois that he doesn't see it as a real loss, since it is a lot harder being a superhero than it seems.

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A scientist brings violent criminals back from the dead and they proceed to kill Clark., 20 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this episode. It was so imaginative, I'm amazed anyone was able to come up with all of it!

While Jimmy is at Perry's house to work on his malfunctioning car, two carjackers who look (and act) like Bonnie and Clyde steal the vintage car that Perry is keeping for the Daily Planet's anniversary celebration. They lock Perry and Jimmy in Perry's car, run the engine and close the door, leaving them to die. Jimmy, however, manages to put the car in reverse and get them out before they are killed.

Bonnie and Clyde, it turns out, are only two of the gang of long-dead violent criminals that a scientist has brought back from the dead, to prove his theory on modifying violent criminals genetically to make them more docile. Not the first mistake the scientist made was also bringing back John Dillinger and AL CAPONE. While Lois and Clark go to a look-alike talent agency, the gang robs a bank nearby and runs into Superman for the first time. Before Superman went to save the day, however, he showed up in the talent agency while Clark was there. Barry, who it turns out performs as Superman's look-alike, sounds like a gangster himself and something of a bad boy. Lois, however, insists that Superman's hair is shorter and to prove it, she shows them a picture of Superman that she keeps in her wallet, much to the amusement of all the guys present.

Al Capone then decides he is going to take over Metropolis, like in the old days, beginning by trying to bribe Perry and the mayor. Both refuse, much to Capone's displeasure. After some investigation, Lois and Clark end up at an illegal gambling parlor Capone wants to take over. Bonnie is there and hits mercilessly on Clark, who claims to be "sometimes shy" and not willing to "show people his underwear", which the audience all knows to be his Superman costume. Clyde interrupts and Clark is suggesting to Lois that they leave when Capone arrives to tell them he is taking over. Dillinger wants Lois to be their "hostess" and Clark defends her, getting shot in the process. Realizing that he can't reveal he is imperious to a tommy-gun, Superman/Clark plays dead. The gang takes his body, leaving a distraught Lois behind. When they dump the seemingly dead Clark on the street, he heads for Smallville to hide out until he can figure out what to do. He discusses the situation with his parents, saying he feels that his real life is now over. They point out that he can still see his friends, as Superman, but even Lois, he says, acts very differently around Superman than around Clark. Even the fact that Lois is handling it badly doesn't make him feel any better.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is as shaken as Lois and Perry tries to console him. Lois comes into the office, although she is miserable. Lois tells Perry "He died without knowing...I never told him," but is interrupted by a detective before she can explain. The detective takes a call on Lois' phone and jots a note on the memo pad. When he leaves, Lois, predictably, follow the lead, finds the now locked-up scientist who started the whole mess and tries to set him free. However, the gang returns home before she can do it and they are caught. In the model of all good gangster stories, they decide to encase Lois and the scientist in cement. Superman finds Jimmy in the process of clearing off Clark's desk. Jimmy explains that he can't reach Lois on her pager. Superman has him continue paging her and follows the sound of her pager to them, saving them in the usual nick of time.

Superman flies off, and Lois bursts into tears. Until she looks up and seeing Clark walking toward her. She is overwhelmed and hugs him continuously. He explains that Superman froze his body and followed the scientist's instructions to save him. When they decide to head for the Daily Planet party, he says he'll meet her there, but she says she will not let him out of her sight ever again. They arrive at the Planet together; Lois stops to call the cops, while Clark starts up the steps. Meanwhile, Perry proposes a toast to Clark just as Capone and his gang show up. They begin to spray the crowd with bullets, but Superman shows up, catching all the bullets and then turning all their "heaters" hot with his heat beam. Jimmy even gets to punch Dillinger for shooting Clark. The bad guys are sent to jail, all is right with the world, and Lois, who showed up in time to push Bonnie into the cake, asks if Perry and Jimmy have seen Clark. Not yet knowing about his reappearance, they think she has gone off the deep end until Clark shows up behind her, blaming being out of shape for just arriving. Clark explains how he has been saved on the way downstairs in the elevator.

Clark yawns and comments on how being dead can really take it out of you, and Lois offers a ride home. On the way, Lois reveals that she has been thinking about how much she would miss him and how much she'd miss him for the rest of her life. She tells him that maybe there is more to their relationship than friendship. She looks over, and he's asleep, leaving the question still up in the air between them.

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