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The Poet of Image., 6 June 2007

Phellipe is a poet of image, since hi's short films, he write with poetry the image in movement, i have the honor to be hi's student, it's wonderful to see him for the first time in a cinema! Congratulations! In his first film, "The Stairs", i saw an different point of view of narrative, the man who upstairs, don't move it in any other side, so he put the camera in many point's of you don't see anything, just the stairs, so the man became a insane person because he couldn't move it, Barcinski make an idea about the lost of a mind control with the person, in this film, it's about the casualty in change's life in 2 second's, and the lost of the life control, so it's interesting to saw two point of view about the lose control of life and mind.