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I don't know....I just don't know., 28 July 2007

Just got out of the theater. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained throughout the duration of the film. But I rarely got any belly laughs out of it. And I just wanted it to be...well, smarter and funnier.

The animation and production values are awesome. Just seeing Springfield and all the characters on the big screen is enough to make this movie worth going to. But I was rather let down in terms of the comedy. It seemed like it was dumbed down to give it more mass appeal and that's disappointing. I also had annoying little kids sitting around me and their father refused to shut them up...which somewhat ruined the experience. The first 45 min are good, then it dips in humor.

In conclusion, while the South Park movie took advantage of the new medium by pushing the envelope and producing hilarious, brilliant satire...The Simpsons Movie seems to do the opposite, getting watered down in the process.

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Just a good DVD to own if you're into SRV/blues., 9 July 2007

I'm not particularly into concert DVDs, but this one really is a classic. SRV colorfully demonstrates his genius by putting on a really soulful performance in his home state. Stevie Ray's music is rare in that it's nearly as fun to watch as it is to listen to. Watching him just get possessed and become one with the guitar is really something.

I remember a lot of people in college (in Austin) would always throw on this DVD at parties and get-togethers, just to have on in the background if nothing else.

Voodoo Chile and Texas Flood are masterfully done.

Highly recommended. This guitar prodigy was taken from us way too won't regret owning this little piece of Stevie Ray.

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Oddly Addictive, 26 June 2007

I gotta say I love this show. It really indulges your inner curiosities about a WIDE range of subject matter. What on the surface would sound like some documentary on a lackluster topic you'd watch in grade school, Modern Marvels makes fascinating.

Whether it's guns, engines, shipping, mining, plastics, or something as seemingly mundane as plumbing, Modern Marvels presents an entertaining and well-organized program taking you from the subject's origins to where it's likely headed in the future. This insightful program is highly recommended for those who have even the slightest curiosity, and who desire an understanding of the things that create our society.

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Greatest Parody of Left-Wing Politics Since Orwell's Animal Farm, 22 June 2007

Matt and Trey are probably the greatest satirists in modern TV history. Their real genius is demonstrated in their ability to be both generally conservative and counter-cultural at the same time.

South Park is really appreciated by right-leaning libertarians, since we don't have much else in the mainstream media (other than maybe John Stossel and Penn & Teller). Some people complain that Parker and Stone don't go after Pres Bush that much. Well, that's because they are above that. They're on a whole other level. And to be honest, it's refreshing.

Politics aside, the comedy is pure gold. The show intelligently uses comedic timing and shockingly abrasive content. It also purposely employs the use of children, which helps get their messages through, and uses a crude animation style which enables Parker and Stone to tackle very current and topical subject matter. They can supposedly get a show out within a week or two of a news story breaking.

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Terrible. Too heavy-handed. Not funny., 21 June 2007

It's summer time and I guess Comedy Central didn't have much else to put out. But this just sucks.

It's like someone wrote down a list of anti-bush talking points and then shamelessly added them directly into the script without a clue for satire. We'll make them kids! So funny and clever! Yeah real subtle. I certainly don't mind having a laugh at Bush and co. That's not what offends me. Actually, the only thing that really offends when I'm not laughing. Thus, this show is offensive.

I'd rather watch re-runs of "That's My Bush" this this piece of garbage.