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Who'd have thunk?, 2 October 2006

Matin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher rock as the big bear "Boog" and the comic sidekick deer "Elliot". Unfortunately, the story was bland and the jokes were only mildly funny, so it will not be one of the best kids movies you're going to see this year. The "Laugh out loud" index was maybe a 5-10 (laughs per movie). "Over the Hedge" was closer to 20-30 for comparative purposes. "Boog" and "Elliot" were well played. The Scottish squirrels, Beavers and Rabbits were funny, but the rest of the characters didn't make much of an impression. Although somewhat entertaining, it was quickly forgotten after we left the theater (with the exception of the Austin Powers like shadow scene behind the curtain). If you need to take the kids out to a movie, this is funny enough to make it worthwhile, but don't get your expectations up to high.

Flyboys (2006)
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Decent film with great Dogfighting scenes, 30 September 2006

I liked the film overall. The movie was entertaining, but a little longer than I would have preferred. My 13 year old son thought it was terrific, but my 8 year old daughter kept asking me when it would be over.

It did a nice job of portraying WWI and had excellent dogfighting scenes and definitely made you feel like you were in the thick of it. The character background was interesting and the war scenes were impressive. You could see the bullets ripping through the air and felt the explosions like in "Saving Private Ryan".

There aren't many WWI films, so it was nice to see a good action film from this era.