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We have to do statistical analyses of the relationships between gross profit, budget, ratings, genre, etc. for US releases in 2005. Who knew a statistics class was going to be this much fun?
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Welcome to my list! These are the movies that I love or like a heckuva lot - whether they be long-time favorites or gems that I've recently discovered. The first 100 are my top 100, in roughly preferential order (actually, very roughly after the first 25); after that, the list is alphabetically ordered.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Hope some of these are your favorites too!
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Movies from the 90's...1990-1999
100 movies from each year

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An alphabetized roster of all actresses who've received Oscar nominations for Best Actress and/or Best Supporting Actress. I've listed the titles and the category ("BA" for Best Actress, "BSA" for Best Supporting Actress). An asterisk ("*") indicates a win.
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I've always been intrigued by the Art Direction/Production Design category because it's interesting to see the work and artistry that go into creating a representation of a certain place at a certain time. The list is arranged chronologically, with the award years listed beside each nominee, and with the winners for each awards year listed first.

Note: For the periods 1940-1956 and 1959-1966, there were two categories for Art Direction: Black-and-white, and color. I've indicated which films are in which categories.
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An alphabetized roster of directors who've received nominations for Best Director. I've listed the film(s) for which they were nominated. An asterisk (*) indicates a win.

Note: For the 1927/28 awards year, there were two directing categories - comedy and drama. I've indicated which nominee is in which category.
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CULT MOVIES was a series of three books written in the 80's by film critic Danny Peary. Here are the 200 films profiled in the books, in chronological order.