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Go Now (1995)
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A joy to see Robert Carlyle, 2 July 2001

I've been really impressed with Robert Carlyle's work ever since I saw him in "Priest," and I've been working my way through all his films -- but I had the hardest time finding this one! I finally bought the video, sight unseen, just to see it!

I'm so glad that I did. It's a joy finally to see Robert Carlyle have the opportunity to do a complete person, from laughter to tears, with terrible physical failings and equally terrible emotional struggles. He's a wonderful actor, and it's a treat to see him with a relaxed face, easy -- fully human! He seems to have gotten stuck in the villain or psycho category by American casting agents -- a kind of Scots contemporary Peter Lorre.... But in this role he's just lovely!

The film itself is that sort that the Brits do so well, "a little film" -- character study, working class, interesting without trying to be earthshaking. I suspect that the difficulty of understanding the accents (not just Carlyle's "deepest Glaswegian", but the several other regional accents (notably "Tony"'s Irish) has contributed to the film's obscurity in the States, but it's well worth seeking out. In fact, I'm glad I bought it, because I think it bears re-viewing, if for no other reason than that it's likely to take me a few times through before I actually catch all the lines!

Nice use, too, of series of still photos, especially of the football (soccer) "mates" captured in classic "yearbook" style, with funny captions!

Other reviewers have commented on how weak they thought the acting was, other than Carlyle. I disagree. I think the acting is fine, but the script has definitely under-developed the other characters, especially Karin. We see so much of Nick's inner life, but almost none of hers. I suspect these writers may do men quite well (hearty "mates", whether football or druggies!), but not women. Remember the women in "Trainspotting"?

In any case, well worth the viewing, especially for Robert Carlyle's lovely performance.